The Broctagon Legacy

Embracing Innovation in Brokerage Solutions

Built upon years of fruitful experience in providing innovative premier brokerage solutions, Broctagon prides itself on our unwavering dedication in delivering multi-asset liquidity and superior trading technology to retail brokerage firms globally. Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry, we strive to streamline and elevate brokerages by equipping brokers with the means necessary to attract clients, exceed performance expectations and redefine industry standards.

Dedicated and Experienced
Workforce with Over
300 Employees

Strong Global
Presence in 6 Countries

Experience in
Traditional Finance

The Broctagon Standard

The Core Tenets of our Success

Industry Gamechangers

We pride ourselves on our relentless strive for innovation, which translates into the creation of cutting-edge trading systems and technological features that excite, inspire and extend the frontier of brokerage solutions.

Unyielding Dedication

We are committed to your success. With Broctagon’s vast expertise, comprehensive solutions adept at risk mitigation and profit maximization and dedicated account managers, our brokers are truly in good hands.

Optimised Solutions

Our meticulously calibrated and finely-tuned bespoke solutions serve to augment and optimize current workflows, ultimately helping brokers reach their desired audience and build the business they envision.

Key Partnerships & Associations

Our Industry Excellence Awards

The Market Leader in ISO-Certified FX and Crypto Solutions

ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management System

Awarded to organisations who continually demonstrate the ability to consistently ensure that their clients receive high-quality products and services which meet strict regulatory requirements.

ISO/IEC 20000
IT Service Management

Awarded to organisations which rigorously observe and ensure the best IT practices as stipulated within the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework.

ISO/IEC 27001
Information Security Standard

Awarded to organisations with an in-built management system which identifies, monitors and eliminates cyber vulnerabilities within the company’s information security infrastructure via risk controls.

Placing Your Security as Our Utmost Priority

GIAC Penetration Tester

Awarded to security personnel who are able to assess target networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities. Certified testers are versatile in various penetration-testing methodologies, relevant legal issues, proper testing conduct as well as both technical and non-technical practices.

GIAC Exploit Researcher and
Advanced Penetration Tester

Awarded to candidates who have the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct advanced penetration tests, with the ability to model the abilities of an advanced attacker to find significant security flaws in systems and demonstrate the business risks associated with these flaws.

eLearnSecurity Web
application Penetration
Tester (eWPT)

Awarded to individuals with a sound understanding of the basics related to penetration testing engagement and web application standards. Candidates are also able to perform functional and infrastructural analysis, vulnerability assessments and manual exploitation on web applications and perform post-exploitation techniques

Offensive Security Certified Professional

Awarded to security professionals who have proven to have a clear and practical understanding of the penetration testing life-cycle and process a demonstrated ability to be presented with unknown networks, enumerate the targets within their scope, exploit them, and clearly document their results.

Offensive Security Certified Expert

Awarded to experts who are able to identify uncommon vulnerabilities and mis-configurations in various operating systems and execute organized actions. The steep qualification criteria is testament to the high degree of tenacity and the candidate’s capacity to think laterally and perform effectively under pressure.

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