Digital Exchange Setup

We Understand What Makes a Successful Digital Exchange

Envisage and materialize the ideal digital exchange with Broctagon’s proprietary exchange setup services. Our unique approach incorporates blockchain technology into all decentralized infrastructure elements, specially designed to help enterprises efficiently deploy and harness the unlimited potential of blockchain solutions. From the basic matching engine essentials to versatile APIs, we streamline the ideal digital exchange for a wide spectrum of cryptocurrency use-cases.

  • Our experienced team of blockchain developers will be committed in helping clients execute a complete exchange platform.

  • System stress-tests will be carried out by our development team to ensure smooth operations and compliance towards minimum competency requirements.

  • Relevant guidance will be provided to train support personnel regarding exchange platform usage, coupled with the provision of a comprehensive user guide and all relevant technical documents.

Blockchain Exchange Technology

Sophisticated Crypto
Matching Engine

Matching and streaming of live pricing data feeds to any numbers of users via ultra low-latency throughput speeds on a modern and fully-customizable interface.

Support for Global
Digital Assets

Support for a multitude of mainstream tokens and cryptocurrencies that cater to a wide range of trading preferences.

Complete Trading
Data at a Glance

Easy access to complete transaction and pricing history that allows users to track trade volumes, price fluctuations and other key trading information.

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