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Independent Token Sale

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Token Sale Management Can be Complicated and
Cost-Inefficient – But It Doesn’t Have to Be.

Working from the heart of the digital asset and blockchain industry, we know that conducting a token sale is time-consuming, resource- intensive, and sometimes nerve-wrecking.

So we’ve gone ahead and developed a simple way for you to perfectly manage every aspect of your token sale.

Fully-Equipped for Both Utility and Security Tokens

T-AXIS is designed to enhance every aspect of your token sale, with an intuitive system to unlock the full potential of your project. It can be as simple or as intricate as you prefer, allowing you to take full control and independently manage every step of your token sale.

With T-AXIS, you will never need to worry about finding the perfect third-party service providers for the key components of your token sale – we’ve integrated it all for you in a single, streamlined dashboard.

Pre-Token Sale

  • In-built KYC engine
  • Token address management
  • User role customisation
  • Fully compliant to STO and asset-backed token standards

During Token Sale

  • Robust contribution dashboard for fund collection
  • Security surveillance and in-built DDoS protection
  • Bounty creation and management
  • Multi-tier affiliate referral functions

Post-Token Sale

  • Secure smart contract token distribution
  • Post-sale transition business database
  • Secure smart contract token distribution
  • Post-sale transition business database

Relationship Management and Marketing Redefined

T-AXIS allows you to target your perfect community and create self-sustaining reach that is continuously rewarding for all members! Accessing a motivated pool of participants has never been easier with T-AXIS’ multi-tier affiliate system.

Build a Self-Sustaining Expansion Network

Referral rewards system for up to 10 levels of hierarchy, with continued clientele expansion post-token sale.

Reward Your Supporters Efficiently

Bounty campaign creation and management including automated tracking, real-time calculation and distribution of rewards.

CRM Simplified. Sales Amplified.

I Want to Create an Affiliate Network

Our Expertise

Our T-AXIS CRM is also battle-tested for financial institutions

FX Brokers

Token Issuers

Digital Asset Exchanges

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