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Prop Trading SolutionsFully managed Prop Firm setup or plug-n-play Prop Challenge system for your FX Broker, we’ve got both.
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FX Trading Platform (ZeroX)Turnkey FX Broker setup. Fast, competitive and hyper optimized with our CRM and liquidity.

FX Broker CRM (AXIS)Your highly customizable and fully branded FX Broker CRM deployed in 1 Day. SaaS model, no setup fee.User Guide | Release Notes
MT4 & MT5 White Label

MT4 & MT5 White LabelWorld renowned Metaquotes trading platform integrated with Broctagon’s full solution suite.
Over 1800 instruments with spreads from zero & 10 Tier Market Depth.
Investment Platform

MT5 Report Server Recreating the flexibility of MT4 Report Server for MT5 White Labels to allow individual customizations. 
Investment Platform

Investment PlatformPAMM / MAM / Social Trading
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Ancillary ServicesIncorporation / Licensing / Website
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Data Centre SecurityProtection / Recovery / Pentest

We enable exchanges to be instantly competitive with robust liquidity.


We help tokens manage liquidity so they can focus on delivering success.


NEXUS LinkLiquidity Aggregator &
STP Engine
Supercharge your order books with aggregated liquidity.
NEXUS AutoChart

NEXUS AutoChartData-Driven
Chart Synthesis
K-line plotting with global price discovery.

NEXUS CoreAutomated Market Making
Highly customizable with
full in-house control.
NEXUS Native

NEXUS NativeAltcoin / Native Token
Liquidity Management
Market making and capital management system.

We enable businesses to participate in a decentralized future with minimal inertia.

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Free ConsultancyAllow us to understand your business to customize the perfect fit for your needs.

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NFT Marketplace

NFT MarketplaceLaunch your fully branded NFT marketplace x social media platform.
Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization PlatformLaunch your tokenized assets complete with an APP, CRM and Explorer with our plug-and-play platform.

Blockchain-in-a-BoxIndustry-agnostic data
integration on chain for
experimental implementation.
Whitepaper Creation

Whitepaper CreationCraft a professional whitepaper complete with project and
technical advisory.
Enterprise Development

Enterprise DevelopmentTailored, end-to-end solutions
and consultancy for non-disruptive blockchain implementation.

DeFi Yield Farming

DeFi Yield Farming Advanced DeFi Farming Solution
DeFi Arbitrage Bot

DeFi Arbitrage BotAutomated DeFi Arbitrage System
DeFi Lending

DeFi LendingDecentralized Lending-Borrowing Platform

DeFi DEX AMMDecentralized Exchange and AMM

DeFi StakingTailored Staking Platform Solutions

Token VestingRobust Token Distribution System

Brokerage. Blockchain. Buzz.

Welcome, find all things buzzing on board at Broctagon’s blog! Here you’ll find the latest in blockchain news, exciting event highlights, insightful thought leadership in forex and crypto, and more. Be the first to know all about our  events and most innovative tech updates – all in one space.

2022 welcomed roaring new ideation and innovation as the world came back from the 2020 pandemic year, with fintech events around the globe revived in full force again. Broctagon was honoured to be part of many global meetups and sharing unique business insight with friends and partners all over the world once again. 

Broctagon Fintech Group's Asian liquidity arm, Broctagon Prime Markets is now a licensed digital financial service provider under the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC), Malaysia. This licence is a testament to Broctagon's excellence in digital asset liquidity, highlighting the regulatory emphasis and compliance to the AML/CFT and market conduct requirements of DFS businesses.

Liquidity in cryptocurrencies is important, but unlike the Forex market, there is a notorious lack of liquidity in the crypto market. The need for liquidity aggregation is therefore really crucial to bring crypto to the level of trading and activity like in the forex market. In this article, we’ll understand why liquidity is important and […]

It all started from tinkering with his uncle’s MS-DOS personal computer when Ted was just in primary school. Today, Ted Quek is Broctagon's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Co-founder, a company that is a licensed multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with global presence serving clients across 50 countries.

A good customer relationship management (CRM) system is an essential part of any successful brokerage. An ideal brokerage CRM will help businesses prepare for growth by organizing and managing all client-related information within one space. Choosing the right CRM will also help streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and improve business yield.

In this latest version update AXIS CRM V5.6, we enhanced control for brokers by introducing more UI customization options and data filtering to fully utilize the AXIS’ core IB/affiliate network capabilities. UI Customization We have enabled more customization for the user interfaces of both the Admin Portal and Client Portal, allowing brokers to take control of business processes to better suit their needs. The portal landing page and navigation settings now have more customization options. Create your unique CRM that exudes in-house vibes. Client Portal The default style of the landing page is now set to 'center'. Users can also choose to set it to 'left', 'right'. Light and dark themes are also available. The theme color is also customizable with specific HTML color codes. The default style of the navigation bar is now set to 'left'. Users can also set the navigation bar to appear at the top. Admin Portal The default style of the landing page is now set to 'center'. Users can also choose to set it to 'left', 'right'. Light and dark themes are also available. The theme color is also customizable with specific HTML color codes. The default style of the navigation bar is now set to 'top'. Users can also set the navigation bar to appear on the left. 9 different variations and colors of email templates have been added for admins to customize emails for specific branding or occasions. To trigger this, admins will have to install the application in the marketplace. To use templates when sending emails, go to 'Notify' > 'Email'. Payment and Funding We have added functionalities for payment and banking to streamline processes for brokers. Deposits through ChillPay are now supported. Deposits through Paypal are now supported. A minimum and maximum amount can now be set in transfer settings to minimize transfer errors. The process of adding bank cards and KYC verification has been streamlined. The 'Bank Card' module in 'Clients Details' has been moved till after the 'KYC' module. This is to prevent adding of bank cards before the KYC process. Admins can add now and update clients' bank cards on the 'Clients Details' page. Notifications Admins now have the ability to revoke pop-up notifications within two hours of publishing. Permissions for viewing emails and pop-up notifications can now be customized depending on network roles. Company Wide: Permission to view all emails and pop-up notifications sent to clients. Directly Referred Clients: Permission to view emails and pop-up notifications sent to clients by direct team members. Same Role: Permission to view emails and pop-up notifications sent to clients by admins of the same role. All Referred Clients: Permission to view emails and pop-up notifications sent to clients by team members. Admin Portal Promotion Links In 'Promotion Link' settings, 'Downlines' has been added as a group option. This is to allow IBs to create promotional links that specifically target their referred clients. Bonus Campaigns Admins can now amp up marketing and referrals via distribution of bonuses. Bonuses can be rewarded via Bonus Campaigns, which can be created under 'Bonus' > ‘Bonus Settings' > 'New Campaign'. Trading Platform Under 'Trading Platform' settings, the information that is automatically synced to the MT platform can now be customized. Here are the additional optional fields: Phone Number Email Agent Account KYC (including Place of Residence, Postal code and Address KYC During the trader registration and KYC approval process, a notification has been set to trigger when a KYC Identity Card/Passport Number already exists in the system. This is to ensure that each entry is unique and reduce accidental duplication. Filtering The client list can now be filtered by those who have a referrer and those who do not. The client list can now also be filtered by those who do not possess a trading account. The lead source for clients can now be displayed. It is hidden by default. Admins can now do a quick search of reports by keying in the order ID. Supported reports: Back Office → Reports → CRM Reports→Transactions Back Office → Reports → MT Reports → Trade History Back Office → Reports → MT Reports → Open Positions Back Office → Reports → MT Reports → Pending Orders Client Portal → Referral → Clients' Reports → Transactions Client Portal → Referral → Clients' Reports → Trade History Client Portal → Referral → Clients' Reports → Open Positions Client Portal → Referral → Clients' Reports → Pending Orders Reports Report functions have been improved to introduce more sophistication for bonus tracking. Trigger Order Reports: 'Trigger Order' reports can be generated to track bonuses that are rewarded when clients deposit funds. This allows admins to track the source of bonuses and events in which they are triggered. Bonus Reports: The system can auto-generate regular bonus reports, which allows admins to view all the calculated bonus records. Bonus Payout Reports:  24 hours after a bonus calculation is completed, the bonuses for each client will be calculated and a one-time deposit will be made to the client's account. Admin can view all statuses of rewarded bonuses. General To improve user experience, the following formatting has been done: All figures showing monetary currency is now formatted to be clearly separated by commas. For example, 10000 USD will show as 10,000 USD. A space is now added after a colon in fields. This takes effect in 'Client' > 'KYC' page and all approval request detail pages. Learn More Schedule a Demo

Broctagon has expanded liquidity offerings list to 1,800+ instruments! With our proprietary aggregator technology, we are ever-increasing our assets offered, providing enhanced market depth and razor thin spreads in a frictionless marketplace.

Broctagon was at Forex Expo Dubai 2022, the largest trading event of the year in the Middle East! More than 8,000+ Investors and Forex industry leaders came together to network and explore new business opportunities in the forex space. Find out from our industry experts about the current investment trends and regulations in the forex markets. […]

Broctagon Fintech Group was at iFX Expo Asia 2022, held for the very first time in Bangkok featuring some of the most prominent companies within the FX industry and engaging content from inspiring industry leaders. Our SaaS CRM and multi-asset liquidity met with an influx of interest, and this was nothing short of a spectacular event. Meet team Broctagon. Event Highlights Panel Session at iFX Expo Asia 2022 We were incredibly honored to have been invited as a panelist on the topic of “East vs West Liquidity in APAC and Beyond”, where our Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder Ted Quek shared insights into the trends and opportunities within the Asian market, drawing from his deep-rooted experience driving innovation at the helm of the group. Impeccably apt for this panel, we have our European-licensed liquidity arm Broctagon Prime, regulated by CySEC, and Asian-licensed liquidity arm Broctagon Prime Markets regulated by Labuan FSA. Our dual-licensed liquidity solution puts us in a position with in-depth understanding of both East and West. The Only East, Amongst the West As the only panelist with the unique insight into Asia's financial landscape, Ted provided valuable analysis on Asia's market trends, sharing that cryptocurrency CFDs have been in high demand in Asia in the recent years, with a bubbling shift in the West as well. Brokerages are urged to keep up by seeking liquidity providers with the capabilities and infrastructure to meet that demand. As one of the major liquidity providers of crypto CFDs, we can attest first hand to that growing necessity, and we see brokerages and LPs need to cater to that demand to remain competitive and not fall behind.  Strong Interest in our Full Suite of FX Solutions Broctagon garnered lots of interest at the expo, particularly for our AXIS FX CRM as its sophisticated multi-tiered IB module fits the aggressive affiliate marketing landscape of Asia to a tee. The SaaS model was also highly welcomed due to the absence of a setup fee with an almost immediate turnaround time allowing brokers to go-to-market fast. Also, being an end-to-end solutions provider from setup and licensing to technology and institutional prime liquidity under dual jurisdictions, we are happy to be of service to many potential clients. It was an amazing chance at the expo, in a historic moment that it was held in Bangkok, to forge new connections with fintech industry professionals and strengthen bonds with our existing Thai clients and partners. Missed us at the expo? Find out more about how we can tailor solutions for your brokerage by scheduling a consultation. Schedule a Meeting

We review how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed businesses in 2020. At Broctagon, we are fortunate that operations have remained largely unaffected.

GoldGo is a government-recognised utility token directly backed by a physical gold supply and secured by blockchain technology.

Broctagon is pleased to announce that we have received the 'Best Tailored Blockchain Solutions Provider’ award at the Finance Magnates Awards 2020!

The decision to regulate all entities operating within the cryptocurrency industry in Hong Kong has been dubbed as a "positive move" by Broctagon CEO.

Broctagon Fintech Group is proud to announce that we have obtained a Money Broking Licence from the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC).

Brokerages in Asia will now have a wider variety of trading platforms made available with Broctagon's Spotware partnership to offer the cTrader Platform.

Broctagon Fintech Group, a liquidity and technology provider to the brokerage industry, has partnered with Spotware, thus becoming a specialist provider of cTrader White Labels.

Brokerages with Broctagon's AXIS CRM can now reward their traders better with an improved, highly-configurable system for new client acquisition.

Broctagon has launched NEXUS' Native Altcoin Liquidity Management, allowing exchanges to regulate the demand and supply of their native altcoins.

In this latest version update AXIS CRM V6.5, we are pleased to announce the latest platform updates that feature new integrations that bring exciting enhancements. With this update, the new features offer increased personalization and enhanced data management. These integrations empower brokerages to tailor their CRM experience to a broader range of specific needs and requirements, enabling more efficient communication and collaboration....
brokerage crm for ctrader
Broctagon has introduced a brokerage CRM for cTrader with its integration into the proprietary FX brokerage customer management system– AXIS....
In this latest version update AXIS CRM V6.2, we are pleased to announce the latest platform integrations that will allow more customization, flexibility and streamlining of processes in trader management. We also introduced other new functionalities that would improve networking capabilities and optimization for brokerages....
Expanded Liquidity Offerings
Broctagon has expanded liquidity offerings list to 1,800+ instruments! With our proprietary aggregator technology, we are ever-increasing our assets offered, providing enhanced market depth and razor thin spreads in a frictionless marketplace....

Ted Quek, CTO of Broctagon, explains how the crypto space must adopt liquidity standards similar to those of FX markets, in order to scale new peaks.

The decline in trading volumes rekindle questions over how many cryptocurrency exchanges are really needed to serve the nascent but fast-growing market.

As the coronavirus lockdown begins to lift across the world, investment opportunities in traditional stock markets and cryptocurrencies couldn't be greater.

What was once regarded by many as ‘internet money’ is slowly stumbling its way into mainstream acceptance, Broctagon's CTO Ted Quek tells Yahoo! Finance.

Covid 19 has heavily impacted the the crypto markets within the past few months. Learn how to hypercharge your exchange liquidity during the bearish run.

Broctagon's CEO Don Guo states that governments across the world need to begin taking action on the regulation of crypto and digital assets. | Yahoo Finance

Cryptocurrency was thrust into the spotlight by Bitcoin, but it is blockchain, the technology behind it that we should pay attention to.

Should a regulatory precedent not be set and the space continue to be a “Wild West”, we could see a stall in institutional involvement. | Don Guo Opinion Piece

Price swings are a distraction from what we should really be looking at – and that’s how blockchain can curb a pandemic like COVID-19.

Broctagon Fintech Group was recently at the NEXTBLOCK Asia Conference held by Krypton Events in Bangkok, Thailand from 25th to 26 June.

Over the past week, Broctagon attended 2 key industry events — iFX EXPOand Malta AI and Blockchain Summit.

The newly introduced offering entails a number of solutions aimed at addressing issues of liquidity typically associated with digital currency trading. | Finance Magnates

What is CFD Trading
Read more about what is CFD (Contracts for Difference) Trading and the benefits for FX Brokers to provide CFD trading. ...
Understanding the differences between a Straight-through-processing (STP) and Market Maker (MM) broker....
How do Liquidity Providers and Brokers work together in FX
In the foreign exchange (FX) market, liquidity providers and brokers work together to facilitate trading. Liquidity providers supply the market with tradable currency pairs and provide pricing information. Brokers, on the other hand, connect traders with liquidity providers and execute trades into the market, on their behalf....

Should a regulatory precedent not be set and the space continue to be a “Wild West”, we could see a stall in institutional involvement. | Don Guo Opinion Piece

As the coronavirus starts to impact global growth prospects, how will cryptocurrencies hold up? Bitcoin could be perceived as a safe haven asset. | Business Times

As the coronavirus starts to impact global growth prospects, how will cryptocurrencies hold up? Bitcoin could be perceived as a safe haven asset. | Bloomberg

Countries who can correctly implement a CBDC will stand to benefit as they will have a currency which is totally borderless, efficient, and immutable. | Coin Rivet

Broctagon CEO Don Guo has described the Bank of England’s decision to assess the potential benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as “ironic”. | Yahoo! Finance

If the equities markets currently look calm, they don't hold a candle to the foreign exchange markets, where volatility is at its lowest points in years. | Finance Derivative

With growing global fears around climate change, how we manage our cities is becoming ever more important. Technology can facilitate better urban planning and solve pertinent problems with more data. | Connected Technology Solutions

Experts across the blockchain and cryptocurrency space shared about their predictions for 2020, from cybersecurity concerns to greater mainstream adoption. | Verdict

Multi-asset liquidity provider Broctagon has launched NEXUS 2.0, a new service designed to tackle the issue of crypto exchange price disparity. | Coin Rivet

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