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Prop Trading Challenge

Prop Trading SolutionsFully managed Prop Firm setup or plug-n-play Prop Challenge system for your FX Broker, we’ve got both.User Guide
MT4 & MT5 White Label

FX Trading Platform (ZeroX)Turnkey FX Broker setup. Fast, competitive and hyper optimized with our CRM and liquidity.

FX Broker CRM (AXIS)Your highly customizable and fully branded FX Broker CRM deployed in 1 Day. SaaS model, no setup fee.User Guide | Release Notes
MT4 & MT5 White Label

MT4 & MT5 White LabelWorld renowned Metaquotes trading platform integrated with Broctagon’s full solution suite.
Over 1800 instruments with spreads from zero & 10 Tier Market Depth.
Investment Platform

MT5 Report Server Recreating the flexibility of MT4 Report Server for MT5 White Labels to allow individual customizations. 
Investment Platform

Investment PlatformPAMM / MAM / Social Trading
Ancillary Services

Ancillary ServicesIncorporation / Licensing / Website
Data Centre Security

Data Centre SecurityProtection / Recovery / Pentest

We enable exchanges to be instantly competitive with robust liquidity.


We help tokens manage liquidity so they can focus on delivering success.


NEXUS LinkLiquidity Aggregator &
STP Engine
Supercharge your order books with aggregated liquidity.
NEXUS AutoChart

NEXUS AutoChartData-Driven
Chart Synthesis
K-line plotting with global price discovery.

NEXUS CoreAutomated Market Making
Highly customizable with
full in-house control.
NEXUS Native

NEXUS NativeAltcoin / Native Token
Liquidity Management
Market making and capital management system.

We enable businesses to participate in a decentralized future with minimal inertia.

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Free ConsultancyAllow us to understand your business to customize the perfect fit for your needs.

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NFT Marketplace

NFT MarketplaceLaunch your fully branded NFT marketplace x social media platform.
Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization PlatformLaunch your tokenized assets complete with an APP, CRM and Explorer with our plug-and-play platform.

Blockchain-in-a-BoxIndustry-agnostic data
integration on chain for
experimental implementation.
Whitepaper Creation

Whitepaper CreationCraft a professional whitepaper complete with project and
technical advisory.
Enterprise Development

Enterprise DevelopmentTailored, end-to-end solutions
and consultancy for non-disruptive blockchain implementation.

DeFi Yield Farming

DeFi Yield Farming Advanced DeFi Farming Solution
DeFi Arbitrage Bot

DeFi Arbitrage BotAutomated DeFi Arbitrage System
DeFi Lending

DeFi LendingDecentralized Lending-Borrowing Platform

DeFi DEX AMMDecentralized Exchange and AMM

DeFi StakingTailored Staking Platform Solutions

Token VestingRobust Token Distribution System

Brokerage. Blockchain. Buzz.

Welcome, find all things buzzing on board at Broctagon’s blog! Here you’ll find the latest in blockchain news, exciting event highlights, insightful thought leadership in forex and crypto, and more. Be the first to know all about our  events and most innovative tech updates – all in one space.

Broctagon Prime will be at the iFX Expo hosted in the Dubai World Trade Center, 22-24 February. Meet us at Booth 106 to find out about the most competitive liquidity products for your brokerage.

In this first episode of the CryptoNow podcast, we link up with Hodlnaut to discuss the current state of the cryptocurrency markets, including its security, perspectives, and regulatory expectations.

Tokenize Xchange, a Singapore-based digital exchange platform , is the latest participant to join the inter-exchange liquidity network known as the WorldBook™. The NEXUS WorldBook is an initiative by Broctagon Fintech Group, under the licensed entity Broctagon Prime Markets Limited to create a universal liquidity standard for digital assets. Hong Qi Yu, Founder and CEO of Tokenize Xchange, said: “As a digital asset fiat-on/off ramp, Tokenize aims to provide frictionless access to digital assets through the best user experience and a wide range of product offerings. We enable users to trade on an orderbook in their countries’ respective currencies while providing them competitive fees and spreads, low slippage and seamless settlements. We are excited to be part of the WorldBook initiative to contribute to greater standardisation within the crypto ecosystem."   Desmond Ang, Managing Director of Broctagon Fintech Group, commented on Tokenize Xchange’s participation on the WorldBook network, saying: “Tokenize’s experience in digital assets goes beyond its functionalities as a digital assets platform. With yield models of up to 8.3% APY on Bitcoin & Ethereum, they have grown beyond the traditional exchange model and are now branching into the field of custody. We are honoured by their participation in our movement, and anticipate further collaborations to come.” About Tokenize XchangeTokenize Xchange is a Singapore-headquartered digital exchange platform that allows the trading of digital assets in a safe and secure environment with competitive fees. The platform currently allows the trading of over 60 cryptocurrencies and is one of the few platforms that is available in Singapore that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies via an orderbook exchange in Singapore dollars. About NEXUS WorldBookThe NEXUS WorldBook™ is the world’s first crypto liquidity ecosystem, committed to building a cohesive network for both makers and takers. The WorldBook leverages on the NEXUS 2.0 aggregator technology to offer its members global price discovery and direct STP capabilities on a universal liquidity standard. To find out more about Tokenize Xchange, visit:Website: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: YouTube:  To find out more about or to join the NEXUS WorldBook, visit:Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: 

Investing is about managing risks to reap rewards but everyone has different ideas about how to get there and just how much they are willing to gamble on reaching their wealth goals, says Broctagon Fintech Group's CEO Don Guo.

In this latest update, we have added some new functions into the IB Portal, as well as focused on several quality-of-life upgrades for data management.

GokuMarket is a European-licensed crypto wallet, exchange and marketplace provider, known as the one marketplace for the blockchain economy.

Hi friend, 2021 is the year of creation and innovation as the world bounces back from the 2020 pandemic year with Fintech investments totaling $91.5 billion, nearly doubling last year’s record. Being at the industry forefront, we’ve witnessed many exciting new trends, particularly in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream in 2021 with unprecedented institutional participation, media reports and even celebrity endorsements. Relatively unheard of until this year, NFTs have become the talk of the town with billions worth in transactions and 2021 going down in history as the year of the NFT boom, for now at least. As a crypto and blockchain solution provider, it is critical that we evolve dynamically with the industry. Together with the industry's immense growth this year, we have introduced many new products in anticipation of new needs, and we are excited to see how 2022 brings further transformation and opportunities. Here are some of our 2021 milestones: A Universal Crypto Liquidity Standard NEXUS WorldBook While crypto trading has gained massive traction in 2021, crypto liquidity remains highly fragmented with significant price disparities across venues. The lack of an industry wide infrastructure, limiting interoperable technology and exchanges operating in silo within their respective orderbooks makes a difficult landscape for institutions to transverse. For the industry to mature and enable greater institutional participation, it is imperative to first establish a universal crypto liquidity standard with a technology architecture that allows aggregation and multilateral liquidity flow. That was the inspiration behind NEXUS WorldBook™, a liquidity pool that now allows connected exchanges access to 85% of the crypto market. With its launch this year, we are humbled that the NEXUS WorldBook™ has garnered many reputable pioneering members who believe a unified liquidity standard is the way forward. Amongst the ranks of the WorldBook now are exchanges like Huobi,, as well as FCA-regulated exchange Archax. We also welcomed RegTech giants such as Elliptic, and even blockchain data platforms like Chainalysis as part of our community. Become A WorldBook™ Member - For Crypto Exchanges - Schedule NEXUS 2.0 Liquidity Demo A SaaS CRM For Modern Brokers AXIS 3.0 Against the backdrop of rapidly-evolving financial markets where trading of digital assets derivatives are quickly becoming mainstream, there is a growing need for a powerful, modular brokerage CRM that meets the sophisticated needs of these new financial instruments. The AXIS 3.0 CRM is built to support both the trading of crypto CFDs and deposit of digital assets, allowing brokers to fully capitalize on growing market demand. Coupled with a dynamic Introducing Broker (IB) module at its core, AXIS offers a multi-tiered commission system that primes brokers for market expansion with its wide range of configurable commission schemes and real-time distribution capabilities. With a turnkey deployment of just 1 business day for a fully branded CRM prebuilt with more than ten languages, the AXIS 3.0 CRM enables the flexibility of full customization within the cost efficiencies of a SaaS Model. Read more about AXIS 3.0 CRM here. See here for AXIS 3.0 CRM's latest update log. Schedule an AXIS 3.0 demo An Institutional Liquidity Provider for Asian Markets Broctagon Prime Markets This year, we launched Broctagon Prime Markets (BPM) to offer regulated bank-grade FX liquidity to a growing Asian market. Licensed under the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), we deliver tailored and holistic trading solutions with access to over 100+ financial instruments. Beyond FX, commodities and securities, we pride ourselves in having one of the industry’s most competitive and widest range of Crypto CFD offerings. Leveraging on our proprietary NEXUS technology, we provider razor-thin spreads, 24/7 seamless trading and zero commissions. In light of burgeoning global demand for digital assets trading, our robust conditions and institutional-grade support empower brokers to ride the latest trading trends as the industry ushers in a new age of digital finance. Request for a Demo Account A Blockchain Solution for any Business Broctagon's Internet of Value Suite The Broctagon Internet of Value (IoV) is an enterprise blockchain solutions suite for businesses that is non-disruptive to their current infrastructure and operations. The bespoke solutions enables both end-to-end development as well as experimental implementation, allowing business to put a specific segment of their operations on chain. Encompassing a diverse gamut of blockchain solutions from smart city infrastructure and smart contract deployment, to a Tokenization As A Service (TaaS) platform and NFT marketplace white label solutions, we provide counsel, expertise, and the technology to help businesses participate in a decentralized future with minimal inertia. We were honored to be the technological partner behind the world’s first government-approved gold backed token, GoldGo, supported by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Thailand. Schedule a Free Consultation A Rising Prominence Media Features 2021 marks two years since Broctagon’s shift of headquarters to the sunny island of Singapore and we have been extremely lucky to experience the island nation’s growth from a fintech hub at the crossroads of the world, to now, a reputed crypto hub with strong regulatory oversight. From speaking at key events to having our work featured in media outlets, publications, and associated platforms, we are thankful that we were able to gain the attention of both regional and global media in the process. Some examples include: Broctagon's Feature in Straits Times: Investor Tales — Rise of cryptocurrencies pays off for some Radio Interview on MoneyFM 89.3’s Soul of Business: Women Leadership and Trends in FinTech Broctagon Participates in Connecting Digital Ecosystems (CoDE) Asia 2021 Broctagon's Feature in The Asset: Crypto held back by lack of liquidity, interoperability For a chronological take on Broctagon's journey in 2021, please see the Broctagon Blog where we share all our media features, partnerships, thought articles, and highlights for the year. Read Our Journey A Glimpse of 2022 The Road Ahead The pandemic may have hampered our plans for travel, but we have taken this time to hone our edge and to bring forth new things in store. One endeavor that stands out in particular is the Exchange-of-Exchange (EoE), which is a Prime-of-Prime offering made for crypto exchanges.  Exchanges now independently connect with separate exchanges for their liquidity needs. This approach is fundamentally very resource-intensive and time-consuming. With the EoE, exchanges can access aggregated liquidity which translates to reduced margin requirements and counterparty risks. One other noteworthy pursuit is our 2022 roadmap for AXIS 3.0. With foreseeable increase in demand, we plan to automate our onboarding process, making it a truly seamless, one-stop experience for all MT4/MT5 brokers. With much more in the pipeline, do stay tuned to the monthly Broctagon Buzz for the latest updates! We Are Hiring! Our Continued Search for Talent With many plans in motion and many more groundbreaking projects to come in 2022, there is undoubtedly a greater need for talents as we continue to expand across the globe. If like us, you too are excited about how technology can redefine financial markets and crave to have a hand in shaping this industry, Broctagon welcomes you. Check out our career opportunities below, and let's make a meaningful impact in shaping the fintech industry together. Join the Broctagon Team Epilogue Without a doubt, this is already beginning to look like a very busy year. These goals won't be easy to achieve, but I'm certain we will get there - as we have done for our objectives in the past. If this journey has taught me anything about an overarching theme to our progress, it's that we value consistency, quality, and bottom-up dynamism. At the heart of all we do is the Broctagon creed. Tempered in our fervor for helping businesses succeed, it still rings true today: We've got your back, bro.

In this latest update, we continue paying attention to improving the user experience of IB, Traders, and Admin. Traders and IBs can now access CRM and their referrers more easily. Admin now have greater access to rebate model settings and manager data. Data Management Administrators can now can delete trading accounts directly from the CRM. This will make it easier to manage trading accounts for brokers. Do note that by doing so, the binding between clients and trading account will also be deleted as well. Administrators can now directly edit client's KYC information without submitting a request to higher-leveled Administrators. This will enhance the KYC process and allow for a more flexible response should there be any changes to a client's documentation during the process. KYC requests that are in "Pending" status, however, cannot be modified - they can only be approved or rejected. Floating profit and loss are now displayed on the trading account list and trading account details page. Brokers will be able to directly see and segment their clients based on their profit/loss status. Instead of all being featured on one page, clients are now listed into pages, allowing client data to be more efficiently handled. Brokers can sort their clients into quantities most suitable for analysis and management. The Comprehensive Account Report now features the total amount of initial funds and current funds. Brokers will now be able to see at a glance these amounts using pre-determined currency units such as USC and USD. Commissions Settings A new field for trading accounts, [Rebate], has now been created to cater to an increasing demand by brokers that do not want to pay out commissions for certain trading accounts. This will allow for greater flexibility when handling trading accounts meant for events, marketing, or documentation purposes. [Rebate]'s field value is set to yes by default. If [Rebate] field value is yes, commission will rebated accordingly Conversely, If [Rebate] field value is no, commission will not be rebated Client's ID and rebate account number are now displayed when the cursor hovers over any client on the flexible rule details page. This will save brokers time as they will no longer need to open up each client's details manually to check their information. Referral Program A new field, [Referrer Code], has now been added to cater to an increase in demand from brokers to customize and edit client IDs. With this new field, codes will automatically be applied into their respective promotion links. To ensure optimal coverage for both existing and new clients, existing clients' IDs will be applied into the [Referrer Code] field based on their historical data. Promotional links can now support multiple domain names. Brokers can now use different domain names for different markets - this will make tracking the effectiveness of campaigns much more streamlined. General One administrator account now supports multiple logins, either from different computers or different browsers at the same time. This implementation will make it more convenient for a team of administrators to manage client information. Added a mail template control switch. Templates can now be better managed as  disabled email templates can no longer be triggered, preventing them from being sent to clients. Learn More About AXIS CRM

In this latest update, we have enhanced the modular design of permissions management as well as registration flow.

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2022 welcomed roaring new ideation and innovation as the world came back from the 2020 pandemic year, with fintech events around the globe revived in full force again. Broctagon was honoured to be part of many global meetups and sharing unique business insight with friends and partners all over the world once again. ...
Digital Financial Service Provider
Broctagon Fintech Group's Asian liquidity arm, Broctagon Prime Markets is now a licensed digital financial service provider under the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC), Malaysia. This licence is a testament to Broctagon's excellence in digital asset liquidity, highlighting the regulatory emphasis and compliance to the AML/CFT and market conduct requirements of DFS businesses. ...
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CEX.IO, a global ecosystem of products and services that connects people and businesses to the cryptocurrency economy and decentralized finance, is the latest participant to join the inter-exchange liquidity network known as the WorldBook™....
WhatsApp Image 2022 03 24 at 00.24.14 1
Broctagon Fintech Group was recently awarded 'Best Crypto Liquidity Solutions' at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022, as a recognition for our newly-upgraded product, the NEXUS 2.0 Crypto Liquidity Hub. Held at Dubai Festival City from 16 -17 March, more than 100+ crypto companies gathered at the premier cryptocurrency event....
Blog Naijacrypto scaled
Naijacrypto is a premier cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers digital asset trading services such as trading tools and leverage trading....
Blog Fasset scaled
Fasset is a regulated, multi-country Digital Asset Gateway that aims to connect the next billion to buy, sell, send and store digital assets such as Bitcoin and Real World Asset Tokens....
Blog BITLEVEX scaled
BITLEVEX revolutionizes investment platforms by offering leveraged options priced according to traditional Black & Scholes mathematical models....
This release brings pivotal enhancements to the Proprietary Trading Challenge system. Notable improvements include more frequent equity monitoring, now calculated every 10 minutes and a more intuitive "participants" tab that now offers detailed snapshots of traders' status. Furthermore, we've streamlined the admin process with automated approval options, challenge duplication and more!...
In this update, we're proud to present the seamless integration Twilio Verify into our CRM. This integration enhances your security measures by offering clients a diverse array of reliable verification methods. With Twilio Verify, clients now have the flexibility to opt for 2FA via various channels, such as voice, messaging, and WhatsApp during the onboarding process. Bid farewell to the constraints of email OTP verifications and empower your clients to select the verification method that best suits their preferences....
Get ready to excite your traders with our latest feature: The Trading Competition module. Amp up the trading thrill by hosting trading competitions for your traders to battle it out for the top spot and win enticing prizes. Launch competitions with unprecedented ease complete with leadership boards and the flexibility to automatically distribute rewards. Install the module today and create an electrifying experience for your traders! Please note that Trading Competition is currently available for MT4 and MT5 only....
In this latest version update AXIS CRM V6.5, we are pleased to announce the latest platform updates that feature new integrations that bring exciting enhancements. With this update, the new features offer increased personalization and enhanced data management. These integrations empower brokerages to tailor their CRM experience to a broader range of specific needs and requirements, enabling more efficient communication and collaboration....
how to start a forex brokerage with a white label
You might be interested in starting a business in the world's biggest financial market - Forex. But where to start? There are mostly 2 options: Building a brokerage from scratch, and to start a forex brokerage with a white label....
How do Liquidity Providers and Brokers work together in FX
In the foreign exchange (FX) market, liquidity providers and brokers work together to facilitate trading. Liquidity providers supply the market with tradable currency pairs and provide pricing information. Brokers, on the other hand, connect traders with liquidity providers and execute trades into the market, on their behalf....
Liquidity providers and the role they play in Forex
Liquidity providers play a crucial role in financial markets and exchanges to ensure a seamless execution of trades, and to provide buyers and sellers with the ability to buy and sell at any time. By providing liquidity to the market, liquidity providers help reduce volatility, ensure that prices remain stable, and minimize the risk of slippage - the difference between the expected trade price and the actual price. ...
liquidity aggregation
Liquidity in cryptocurrencies is important, but unlike the Forex market, there is a notorious lack of liquidity in the crypto market. The need for liquidity aggregation is therefore really crucial to bring crypto to the level of trading and activity like in the forex market. In this article, we’ll understand why liquidity is important and […]...
Broctagon's CTO Ted Quek: Quest for IKIGAI
It all started from tinkering with his uncle’s MS-DOS personal computer when Ted was just in primary school. Today, Ted Quek is Broctagon's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Co-founder, a company that is a licensed multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with global presence serving clients across 50 countries....
7 Key Features of the Best Brokerage CRM
A good customer relationship management (CRM) system is an essential part of any successful brokerage. An ideal brokerage CRM will help businesses prepare for growth by organizing and managing all client-related information within one space. Choosing the right CRM will also help streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and improve business yield....
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Investing is about managing risks to reap rewards but everyone has different ideas about how to get there and just how much they are willing to gamble on reaching their wealth goals, says Broctagon Fintech Group's CEO Don Guo....
Broctagon was invited to the Oracle’s Executive Connect Session held at the Sheraton Tower Hotel, Singapore, on 12 July 2023....
We are excited to be returning to Thailand once again for the internationally acclaimed iFX Expo Asia 2023! This premier event brings together over 100 speakers and 3000 attendees for 2+ days of networking and knowledge sharing....
What is CFD Trading
Read more about what is CFD (Contracts for Difference) Trading and the benefits for FX Brokers to provide CFD trading. ...
Understanding the differences between a Straight-through-processing (STP) and Market Maker (MM) broker....
How do Liquidity Providers and Brokers work together in FX
In the foreign exchange (FX) market, liquidity providers and brokers work together to facilitate trading. Liquidity providers supply the market with tradable currency pairs and provide pricing information. Brokers, on the other hand, connect traders with liquidity providers and execute trades into the market, on their behalf....
Broctagon's CTO Ted Quek: Quest for IKIGAI
It all started from tinkering with his uncle’s MS-DOS personal computer when Ted was just in primary school. Today, Ted Quek is Broctagon's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Co-founder, a company that is a licensed multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with global presence serving clients across 50 countries....
As companies compete for talent amidst a talent crunch, we spoke with Don Guo, CEO and Co-founder of the Broctagon Fintech Group to find out how Fintech companies are at the forefront of creating a workforce of the future and how they can gain an edge in the war for talent....
MicrosoftTeams image 85
Owing to the country’s friendly regulatory environment with respect to financial markets, and fintech and blockchain within it, various other global cryptocurrency groups are expanding their presence in Singapore....
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“While a huge driver of its growth, shib's status as a memecoin may very well also be its bane," said Don Guo, the chief executive of trading technology company Broctagon, said in emailed comments, adding he believes it's "impossible" that shiba inu could ever reach $1....
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“Named the Boba Network, the project is a layer-2 solution that allows crypto to have payment processing speeds that rival payment heavyweights like Visa and Mastercard,” Don Guo, CEO of Broctagon, said. “Game-changers like these, much like the NEXUS WorldBook movement, which is an inter-exchange liquidity network for digital assets, can create greater visibility and trust for crypto as a whole.”...
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