Complete Brokerage Solutions

Guided by Industry Professionals with a Network of Esteemed Partners

Our trading technology, client-facing interfaces and backend competencies are all developed in-house, conceptualized and executed under stringent, industrial-grade quality processes and standards. Empowered with the flexibility to tailor unique solutions for all levels of customization, Broctagon’s propensity towards continual growth and improvement allows us to stay fleet-footed in providing real-time responses to the dynamic and ever-shifting business landscapes.

Entity Formation​

Building an Unshakeable Foundation

Leverage upon our advantageous standing and depth of industry knowledge from strong existing relationships with trusted partners in company registration and bank account setup to ensure the creation of a steady business foundation.

Content Management System​

Create Your Ideal Brand with Ease

Our CMS requires no prior expertise and grants perfect control over integrated market elements such as thematic widgets. Value-added services include design, content creation and translation.


Verifiable Authenticity and Trustworthiness

Take the first vital step towards achieving client confidence by attaining the necessary validation and licenses from top industry regulatory bodies to build firm business reliability.

MT4/MT5 Platforms

Innovation in Trading Technology

Stay ahead of the curve and stand at the forefront of innovation with industry-leading trading platforms featuring advanced technological infrastructure, ultra-low latency connectivity and fully-automated algorithms to establish a holistic trading experience with unprecedented efficiency.


Fuelling Your Business Needs

Gain direct, uninterrupted access to an extensive pool of deep aggregated tier-1 institutional liquidity to enable flexible lot sizes for optimal order filling in FX and cryptocurrency products alike.

Trading Products

Portfolio Diversification

Offer a diverse range of global instruments for client portfolio expansion and diversification with Broctagon’s latest trading assets, including forex currency pairs, cryptocurrency CFDs, indices, commodities, metals and multi-asset countdowns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Bring Your Trusted Traders Closer

Broker Terminal

The admin mode enables brokers to manage traders through detailed client data overviews, covering aspects such as handling system workflow configurations and the processing of deposits/withdrawals.

Trader Terminal

Traders are provided with a personal virtual area to manage banking options and communicate via direct broker correspondence channels alongside a myriad of account-related options at their convenience.

Risk Management System

Real-Time Risk Protection

Eliminate blind spots through our RMS that uses an advanced diagnostic program to monitor operator exposure and raise alerts. Brokers will be able to control and mitigate risks via measures such as the activation of order restrictions. Additional features include a dealing desk service for brokers who wish to automate the risk management process.

Reporting Tools

Unparalleled Analytical Prowess

Web Manager

A web-based trading platform that syncs seamlessly with the MT4, the Web Manager comes equipped with an intuitive user interface featuring customizable functions. In order to fully evaluate trader performance, brokers can create a variety of financial reports specific to their requirements for an in-depth analytical review. ​

MT4 MetaManager​

A utility extension of the MT4 platform which provides an instant snapshot of the business operations through real-time consolidated data. All account specifications can be managed with ease, including trader account information, preferences and history. The multi-search filters enable brokers to retrieve desired data at any given time, regardless of the number of business entities.

Payment Processing Integration

Speedy and Secure Transactional Ease

Enjoy global reach with our omni-channel payments gateway. In-built sophisticated merchant protection security systems and chargeback prevention protocols mitigate the risks of fraudulent practices. An as added point of trader assurance, all payment modes are PCI-compliant and subject to 24/7 monitoring.

Multi-Tier Affiliate System

Dynamic Commission Distribution

The Broctagon affiliate system supports the dynamic ability to tailor remuneration schemes to the unique requirements of different institutional and retail marketing channels. In addition to being transparent, it enables automatic calculations of daily commissions with a detailed hierarchy overview to support IBs and the expansion of their clientele.