FX Countdowns Platform

The Next Level of Trading Simplicity

Enjoy the next-generation countdowns trading experience with Broctagon’s revolutionary countdowns platform powered by the MicroFox. Traders can benefit from this highly-popular financial instrument within the reputable and secure environment of the MT4. Whether trading on a desktop computer with the robust Countdowns Platform, on-the-go through the Mobile Trader, or on any browser using the download-free Web Trader, traders can access the full range of MT4 features through a single account completely synchronized across all platforms in real-time.

With Broctagon, traders are assured they will always have the technological edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.


Traders are able to achieve vast profits through longer expiration timeframes boosted with enhanced accuracy. They can identify charting trends, set the desired trade parameters and allow the auto-rolling function to carry out the execution.

Multi-Trade Countdown

Stay in control on top of all trading orders and informational influxes. Traders can utilize the multi-trade countdown feature to execute fresh trades, monitor current performances and review past orders.

Technical Capabilities

Expand traders’ profit horizons by sharpening their trading strategies through a deepened market understanding with over 50 detailed charting tools and indicators which offer a higher degree of pinpoint trading accuracy.