Spot Trading Made Easy

FXColt Plugin

Fine-tuned for both new and experienced spot FX traders, FXColt, a proprietary forex auto-calculated order placement machine, helps to accelerate and simplify the spot trading process by auto-generating the necessary parameters solely based the trader’s desired profit levels. This significantly smoothens out the learning steepness through the reduction of arithmetic and analytical requirements.

FXColt takes the familiar mechanics of Spot Forex and simplifies them for traders of all levels

Hassle-Free Trading

Eliminate the hassles of long, complicated calculations and offer your traders the simplest processes. The only user input required is the desired profit. Using this figure, FXColt will automatically generate the lot sizes and respective take profit/stop loss levels.

Safeguarding Mechanism

Control the risks levels directly and avoid miscalculations by offering traders an effective financial-control and risk-hedging function that allows them to set the exact exposure limits.

Seamless MT4 Compatibility

Traders can manage all activity from a single access point, through the full integration of FXColt within the MT4 platform for easy usage and adoption.

How FXColt works

Step 1

Input desired amount

Step 2

FXColt calculator determines required

Step 3

Follow and profit!