MT4/MT5 Platform

Own the Dominant Global Force in Trading Platforms

Widely adopted by the global Forex market and recognized as the industry standard, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform offers advanced technology coupled with enhanced security features. The platform caters to traders at all proficiency levels with features such as detailed technical analysis, flexible trading systems and expert advisors. Tailored to each brokerage’s requirements, Broctagon will build a customized MT4 platform specially designed with bespoke branding to create an ideal, lasting impression to all clients.

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Security and Transparency

Stay clear of potential account threats and vulnerabilities through data encryption via a 129-bit key, with full concealment of the trader’s IP address. The MT4/MT5 platform also prides itself on transparency, allowing all users to access complete trade disclosure, account balances and pricing data at zero hidden costs or transaction fees.

Advanced Charting Capabilities

The MT4/MT5 platform provides a wide spectrum of charting tools for traders to analyze the market’s technical aspects and sharpen their strategies. Various chart colors, styles and preset templates are available for personalization. An extensive arsenal of multiple timeframes, technical indicators and graphic objects provide the utmost accuracy in market monitoring and pricing dynamics.

Full-Scale Customization

Traders are able to tailor the MT4/MT5 platform according to their trading needs and preferences. Multiple automated trading strategies are available at their disposal, including the developmental ability to create unique plugins and technical indicators using the MetaQuotes programming language (MQL4/MQL5).

MT4/MT5 Mobile Trader

Pocket Trading with Portable Functionality

With Broctagon’s mobile trader,  users are empowered with trading mobility paired with uncompromised access to the consistent full functionality associated with the MT4/MT5 platform. We offer a unified trading experience in terms of technology, aesthetics and utility by enabling intuitive trades from any mobile device.

MT4/MT5 on iOS

Traders are able to access their MT4/MT5 accounts instantly and securely anytime, anywhere via the iOS mobile trading app, designed solely with the active trader in mind. The mobile platform features live trading activity, charting tools, order ticket features, execution alerts, news feeds and more.

MT4/MT5 on Android

Regardless of any android-based mobile device, all traders stand to enjoy the same unwavering functionality of the MT4/MT5 platform. The highly intuitive app enables the managing of open positions, real-time price streaming and more via the combined capabilities of over 35 technical indicators, achievable at the touch of a button.