Engineered for the Modern Trader

The AXIS CRM comes power-packed with a vast spectrum of fully-customizable functionalities, ranging from integration with payment and KYC providers, multi-tier affiliate commission structures to cloud hosting capabilities – all neatly presented within an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user dashboard. Accelerate your business growth through the AXIS CRM and grow your dominance in the brokerage industry today.

client dashboard crm

Client Dashboard

payment hub crm

Payment Hub

live chat crm

Integrated Live Chat/
Ticketing System

affiliate module crm

Affiliate Module

analytics crm

Analytics Module

admin module crm

Admin Module


Affiliate Expansion Integrated System

What can AXIS Do For Your Brokerage?

Experience the seamlessness of a CRM that enhances every touchpoint of your client’s journey with full access to a comprehensive suite of operational-optimization tools.


CRM Customization

Everything you need to build a personalised brand to showcase your unique market features and branding identity.

  • Fully branded and customizable features including background, content and buttons
  • Multi-language support with in-built default languages
  • Express log-in
  • Integration with payment gateways and KYC providers
  • Digital asset deposits
  • Smart currency conversion
  • Affiliate module
  • Admin module
  • Specialised reporting/query functions
  • 2FA login authentication
  • Bilingual livechat/message ticketing system
  • Preset palette colour options available

Client Dashboard

Your clients can access their essential personal and trading information in a single glance via an intuitive dashboard layout.

  • Account balance and overview
  • Daily commission earned
  • Generation of unique QR codes for affiliate referrals
  • IB promotion pipeline
  • Real-time multi-feed news streams
  • Trading portfolio overview

Admin Module

Be empowered with full control over all client-related aspects from complete profile settings, regulated platform access to comprehensive affiliate tree views.

  • Client & sales management
  • Full transaction history and tracking
  • Platform account management
  • Group and leverage configuration
  • Email templates with auto-trigger scenarios
  • 2FA login authentication
  • User access rights management with customisable groupings
  • Client request ticket management
  • Affiliate tree and commission payout management
  • Audit logs
  • Business insights


Multi-Tier Affiliate System

Multiply your client networks effortlessly with the dynamic ability to tailor, monitor and oversee multilevel commission tiers.

  • Sales commission payout and distribution management
  • Structuring and creation of security groups
  • Auto-calculated daily, overriding and same-rank commissions
  • Detailed commission tree payout hierarchy
  • Commission report generation and export
  • Flexible payouts in flat, percentage or pip allocation methods
  • Max commission limits with over-payout protection notifications
  • Embedded affiliate link with QR code

PSP Integration

Broctagon offers integration with a diverse pool of payment gateways across wire transfers, digital assets, virtual wallets and major credit/debit cards, along with smooth entryways into the China market via Unionpay/Alipay.

psp integration crm

Digital Asset Gateway Integration

Utilize the benefits of blockchain-based payments in the form of major digital assets and stablecoins via our smart currency converter to leverage upon the most highly sought-after assets in the financial markets.

KYC Provider Integration

Perform KYC compliance checks straight from AXIS CRM by automating regulatory requirements through the collection and verification of client credentials effortlessly.

kyc provider crm

MT4/5 Trading Platforms/Plugins Integration

Full integration with some of the world’s most actively-used trading platforms and Broctagon’s proprietary plugins, constructed to create the most efficient trading environment.

  • Seamless integration with MT4 & MT5 with full branding customization
  • Multi-device synchronization across desktop and mobile terminals
  • Easy setup of live and demo accounts
  • Countdown Trader
  • Colt
  • Quantrading
  • Platform access rights
  • Group and leverage configuration

Integrated Live Chat System

Handle client queries and trader requirements with a request ticket management system, coupled with bilingual customer live-chat services.

  • Multi-language live chat support
  • Chatbot and personalised support interaction capabilities
  • Automated ticketing system with customisable assignment rules and ticket transfer conditions
  • Full integration with groupware & online collaboration providers

Cloud Hosting

Manage your clients from anywhere in the world. Achieve seamless, round-the-clock access through multi-device by simply staying connected to a cloud database that gives you to the power to execute business services and updates on-the-go concurrently with your team.

Integrated Investment Tools

Designed to connect the investment portfolios of top-performing money managers/traders to clients, the investment portal brings incentives for all parties with customizable profit-sharing models.

  • Social Trading
  • Multi-account management
  • Ratings and statistics module
  • Leaderboard overview
  • Multiple allocation methods
  • Customizable MT groupings

AXIS Analytics Hub

An enhanced back-end system solely devised to empower brokers with greater in-depth trader analysis and detailed reporting tools, the analytics hub provides singular and batch control over an array of client functions and transactional data.

  • Customisable reporting with unlimited historical data ranges
  • Quick access tabs for specific report parameters
  • Detailed client and group business analytics reports
  • Automated email alert notifications based on user limits and symbols
  • Corrections module for immediate error rectifications
  • Advanced traffic statistics & analysis
  • Integration with analytics providers via API

Our Solutions Suite

Brokerage Solutions

Access a tailored suite of turnkey solutions to get your brokerage running within 2 weeks.

Brokerage Solutions

MT4/5 Turnkey Solutions

A powerful CRM equips the best brokers with the necessary marketing tools to grow their client network.

MT4/5 Turnkey Solutions

Investment Tools

Introduce your clients to the smarter, faster and easier way of making investments.

Investment Tools

Ancillary Services

Get your brokerage up and running with the proper business foundation.

Ancillary Services

Data Security Centre

Shield and secure your business against all cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Data Security Centre

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