Chainalysis, a Blockchain Analysis Company, Joins the WorldBook™

Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, is the latest participant to join the inter-exchange liquidity network known as the WorldBook™. The NEXUS WorldBook is an initiative by Broctagon Fintech Group, under the licensed entity Broctagon Prime Markets Limited to create a universal liquidity standard for digital assets. Ulisse Dell’Orto, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, of Chainalysis, said: “Chainalysis’ mission is to build trust in blockchains. Through our data platform, we are actively working to create a safer cryptocurrency ecosystem for all users. Our team of experts helps organizations like Europol, UNODC, Barclays, and Upbit investigate and mitigate their risk to illicit actors. We have helped law enforcement investigate some of the most high-profile cybercriminal cases, such as the Silk Road dark market, child sex abuse material distributor Welcome to Video, and the Mt. Gox hack. All of us at Chainalysis are honoured to participate in WorldBook and continue contributing to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry globally.”   Don Guo, CEO of Broctagon Fintech Group, commented on Chainalysis’s participation on the WorldBook network, saying: “Analysis of data is important in financial markets to allow companies to make better decisions. Chainalysis provides data analysis services to institutions, government agencies, and cryptocurrency businesses. With their expertise in transaction monitoring and investigation software in the cryptocurrency industry, their participation in the WorldBook will allow other members to understand the expectations required to establish the next generation of compliance standards with respect to transparency and security. We are pleased to have them onboard as one of the members of the WorldBook.” About Chainalysis Chainalysis is the blockchain data platform. We provide data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries. Our data powers investigation, compliance and market intelligence software that has been used to solve the world’s most high-profile criminal cases and grow safe access to cryptocurrency About NEXUS WorldBook The NEXUS WorldBook™ is the world’s first crypto liquidity ecosystem, committed to building a cohesive network for both makers and takers. The WorldBook leverages on the NEXUS 2.0 aggregator technology to offer its members global price discovery and direct STP capabilities on a universal liquidity standard. To find out more about Chainalysis, visit: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: YouTube: To find out more about or to join the NEXUS WorldBook, visit: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:  

About Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in China, India, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. With our decade of serving satisfied clients in 50 countries, Broctagon is well-equipped to elevate companies through performance-driven and flexible turnkey solutions such as our liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage technology solutions, and enterprise blockchain development.

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