To know you better so as to serve you better.

It is our aim as a company to be the one stop hub for all your brokerage needs, to provide you with an ever improving and ever more comprehensive range of products and services. We are constantly innovating and looking for better ways to offer you more synergistic and more streamlined brokerage solutions. This is why we believe in participating in financial expos to keep ourselves up to date with the needs of the industry from a bottom-up approach. By attending high profile events, we create the opportunity to meet you, the people we serve, and listen to your feedback. We want to get in touch with you and build a personal relationship with you so we will be able to bring you made-to-measure solutions for your every need.

These expos are a perfect way for us to showcase our latest initiatives and product offerings, so do keep an eye out on this page for upcoming events and learn more about how you will be able to benefit from them!

Upcoming Events

24 March 2017


Wuhan iFX Show

Held in the prestigious Shangri-la Hotel, the 2017 Wuhan iFX Show will exhibit the wares of a sizable range of brokerages, stock exchanges and financial services providers. We look forward to showcasing our full suite of upcoming Broctagon FinTech Group product and service developments during this expo.

30-31 March 2017


Asia Trading Summit

The Asia Trading Summit serves to bring together the best of the region and unlock the key to penetrating the vast Asian markets. This year’s summit will be hosted by FX168, Finance Magnates and Conversion Pros and take on a scale never seen before, with projected attendance figures of over 3, 000 professional brokerages and FinTech service providers.

Past Events

21 – 23 February 2017


iFX Expo Asia 2017

Taking place at the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from the 21st to the 23rd of February, the iFX EXPO is a bi-annual event hosted in Europe and Asia which is tailored for the emerging needs of the financial industry.

21 February


Broctagon FINTECH Group Grand Opening 2017

21 February 2017 marked a monumental day for the world of finance and technology for it saw the introduction of a new key player of the industry—Broctagon FINTECH Group. The collective was officially inaugurated in Hong Kong last Tuesday, and since then, it has remained the hottest topic of discussion among the entire FINTECH community. The proof of Broctagon Group’s stellar reputation is in the number of well-established and successful financial institutions who were present to grace the occasion. The sheer media presence alone that afternoon was enough to illustrate the FINTECH industry’s vested interest in Broctagon Group.

14 – 15 January 2017


Golden Honor Awards 2017

Bringing together in Shanghai over 300 VIPs of the FINTECH industry, the Golden Honor Awards held from 14 – 15 January celebrated the best of the community. A Golden Honor Award is one of the highest accolades a FINTECH institution can receive, being not only a mark of consistent product and service excellence, but also substantial and impactful contributions to the world of FINTECH.

21 – 22 December 2016



Guangzhou International Financial B2B Expo

Kicking off in Guangzhou on the 21st of December was the 5th International Financial B2B expo, which spanned two days and drew leading providers of foreign exchange trading from all across […]

2 – 4 December 2016



Shanghai Money Fair

The iconic Shanghai Money Fair, China’s most important event surrounding the world of money, returned for the 14th time earlier this month. Bringing together […]