How to Stay Competitive as a Broker

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Becoming a Liquidity Provider can be an easy task. Nowadays, you just have to set-up a LP agreement with any existing Liquidity Provider or what we generally call Prime of Prime. Prime of Primes have a direct connection with Prime Brokers/Banks/Market Makers. The set-up can be established within days and any Broker can choose to act as a Liquidity Provider for another Broker.   

Having a single Prime of Prime Broker as your main Liquidity Provider will result in offerings of stand-alone trading conditions to existing Brokers or individual clients. Every Prime of Prime will provide a general liquidity pool and stream it to its Brokers. This will result in several brokers offering similar pricing to their clients. This makes it difficult for clients to choose amongst these different brokers as they all have the same instruments and trading conditions.   

So far, Broctagon has teamed up with 9 Prime of Prime Brokers, introducing a unique liquidity pool towards our clients. Through our liquidity aggregation engine, we aggregate the best pricing from all our liquidity providers to offer to our clients. Clients have the option to adjust the liquidity pool, through contacting us and the changes will be seen within a day.  

Through our advanced aggregating liquidity technology drawn from a large number of Prime of Prime brokers, allows clients to withstand any trading flow from their clients. This puts our brokers at an advantage by enabling them to be more competitive in the retail sector. It creates room for growth and attracts more individual clients at the same time. At the end of the day, our clients are our driving force and it is our goal to offer all the tools needed for a successful brokerage.  

Connecting to our Liquidity Pool now is even simpler than ever. Our pricings connect you through LD4, NY4 and TY3 and all existing FIX API connections are supported as well. Some of our current clients include oneZero, PrimeXM, Tools for Brokers, Integral, Gold I, Take Profit Technologies and more.  

The connections are mainly within the ecosystem, allowing our Brokers to save unnecessary additional fees. Direct connections from our Brokers’ MT4s or MT5s system have also been introduced for clients that do not use an existing bridge. Existing EU regulated Brokers can also benefit from the Negative Balance Protection that we offer. Along with the best execution policy and the most competitive pricing offered (in terms of processing and maintenance fees), Broctagon Group can help your Brokerage grow easily and quickly.  

New Brokers can benefit by having lower costs and the ability to introduce new products in the market. Meanwhile, existing active Brokers can benefit from the vast number of instruments and competitive conditions to grow even more.    

About Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in China, India, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. With our decade of serving satisfied clients in 50 countries, Broctagon is well-equipped to elevate companies through performance-driven and flexible turnkey solutions such as our liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage technology solutions, and enterprise blockchain development.

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