Advancing the Future of FX and Crypto Liquidity


Unifying the Fragmented Landscape of FX and Crypto Liquidity, One Player at a Time.

Be part of the #NEXGEN of industry players pledging to create a healthier liquidity ecosystem for all.

The Problem of FX and Crypto Liquidity Must Be Addressed

The current state of the trading industry is notoriously disjointed. FX brokers and crypto exchanges function independently and do not leverage upon the advantages of each other.

Battling Arid Trade Conditions and
Order Scarcity in Illiquid Markets

As opposed to perfectly liquid markets with a healthy amount of orders on both sides of the order book, in illiquid markets, the amount of available assets are minimal, and usually priced unrealistically in relative to current market prices. Without sufficient liquidity, natural trading functions are impeded as the markets are unable to fill trades involving large volumes.

A Market with Fragmented Liquidity Is Effectively a Dysfunctional Market as Assets Are Held Hostage in Illiquid Pairs.

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An Equal Global Landscape of Opportunity for All

NEXUS is on a Mission to Create a Unified, Regulated,
and Sustainable Liquidity Ecosystem for All.

Making Crypto 'Best Bid Best Offer' a Reality

Best Market Pricing

A larger pool of market players will lead to fairer prices for all market participants. The higher trading activity ensures competitive bids from all involved counterparties, creating a balanced market pricing equilibrium.

Volatility Protection

With deep liquidity, markets will be shielded against unexpected swings that might significantly influence prices, resulting in increased volatility. Liquid markets are equipped with sufficient fortitude to withstand the impact of large orders.

Quicker Trade Execution

All trade orders will experience a much faster fill rate, making it more convenient to transact, enter or exit trades instantaneously; a vital function in the fast-paced cryptocurrency markets.

We Can Do So Much More Together.

Let’s build a lateral-sharing, self-balancing crypto liquidity environment.

1. Campaigns

Strong waves of marketing outreach and social media campaigns will be launched towards crypto-centric crowds to raise awareness.

2. Cooperation

NEXUS will seek to form strategic partnerships between crypto exchanges, brokers and financial institutions for vision alignment and industry unification.

3. Connection

The ultimate goal will be to connect the masses to highly-accessible crypto trading in the most conducive environment possible.

Don Guo

Co-Founder, Broctagon

“This is a watershed moment for our company and all players within the crypto space. With NEXUS, we look to set the stage for all crypto exchanges and brokers worldwide for the next generation of crypto trading”

Together, let us enter the NEXGeneration. #NEXGEN

Let’s Begin

Stand at the Crypto Forefront
with Like-Minded Forces

#NEXGEN is only possible with your involvement. Through our combined commitment, we can make a momentous impact on crypto trading and elevate it to the level that it truly deserves.

Take Action Today

Over 39 Financial Institutions Have Taken Action Towards Unified Global Liquidity.

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