Achieve a Globally-Competitive Exchange in Just 1 Week


Execution Engine

NEXUS 2.0 Native Altcoin
Liquidity Management

Your Exchange,

Broctagon’s NEXchange comes battle-ready with the essentials of a successful crypto exchange. Your users will enjoy the best 24/7 bid/ask prices for cryptocurrencies under any market conditions. Construct your ideal exchange and be a leading force that stands ahead of any competition.

What you get

Industry’s First Crypto STP
Every NEXchange package comes pre-equipped with our proprietary crypto STP execution.
Cloud Infrastructure
Experience the versatility and sheer scalability of cloud data centers.
Diverse Financial Instruments
Choose between spot, futures and CFDs to capitalize on current markets and capture new frontiers.

Your Crypto Exchange Success
Begins with NEXUS

STP Engine

Connect to a globally sourced aggregated order book from top crypto exchanges for unmatched liquidity with best price execution via smart order routing.

Operational Excellence

STP-ready for upstream liquidity for your native coin and create presence worldwide

Future Ready

Native Altcoin LMS

Critically map an ideal price trajectory to achieve credibility and confidence from investors and build towards the valuation of your exchange.

Value Creation

A COVID-19 Special: NEXUS Business Booster

There’s no better time to hypercharge your liquidity

Booster 1:
NEXUS 2.0 STP + Native Altcoin Liquidity Management
Get $5,000 off setup fee for all new users

Booster 2:
Receive a rebate totaling $7,500 over 3 months
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