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Broctagon Integrates cTrader to Its Proprietary FX Brokerage CRM

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Broctagon has introduced the integration of Spotware’s top CFD trading platform, cTrader, into our proprietary FX brokerage CRM – AXIS. With this new addition, brokers now have a brokerage CRM for cTrader platform, and those who use cTrader can now access a wide range of features as well as powerful affiliate marketing and IB capabilities by using the AXIS CRM to manage their client processes. New brokers looking for turnkey brokerage setup solutions now also have an alternative trading platform to consider.

Best of Both Worlds – An Advanced Trading Platform Now Backed With a Highly Sophisticated CRM

cTrader’s deep integration with AXIS spells a host of functions now made available to all cTrader brokers. With real-time synchronized data, AXIS will be able to cater to every touchpoint of the end users’ trading journey, while enabling brokers to deliver a world-class experience with enhanced client management tools with its vast capabilities in both the front-facing client portal and back-office admin portal.

With the AXIS brokerage CRM for cTrader, brokers can now provide:

  • Unlimited-Tier IB/Affiliate System
    Enable every trader to become your brand ambassador with an Introducing Broker (IB) centric module built for rapid market expansion. In addition to unlimited hierarchies and automated real-time commissions distribution, brokers also have the full flexibility to design your ideal IB commission structure with a multitude of rebate types (pips, spreads, lots) to choose from. We dare proclaim, no IB system even comes close. Try it and you will understand.
  • Multi-Account Management in One Dashboard
    Provide your traders with a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate client portal, fully synchronized with cTrader. Your traders will be able to manage multiple trading accounts within the CRM, without having to log in to the trading terminal. Comprehensive trading reports are also readily available with real-time data pulled from the cTrader platform. Your brokerage’s client-facing portal interface has never looked so good, with every crucial function easily located and client support built as a priority.
  • Permissioned User Roles With Full Audit Log
    Ensure smooth business operations with highly customizable user roles and privileges. The smart internal management of admin roles, support team, and sales, allows brokers to manage cross-team permissions and collaborations efficiently without compromising client data, leads details and pipelines, or any sensitive information. Full audit trails for all system actions allow for easy examination, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of issues while mitigating vulnerabilities.


Broctagon’s AXIS CRM is your Forex Broker business management gateway with more than 350 customizable parameters for your specific needs. It comes power-packed with a wide spectrum of bespoke functionalities, ranging from an Open API marketplace with ongoing integrations with payment and KYC providers, to its multi-tier affiliate network system. Built on a SaaS Model, AXIS is deployable within 24 hours, and is fully synced with multiple trading platforms – MT4, MT5, ZeroX Trader and now cTrader. Brokers also gain multi-platform connection capabilities, with the ability to connect multiple trading servers to one CRM. The AXIS CRM system is the ideal choice for FX Brokers, especially those with IB networks.

About cTrader

cTrader is a multi-asset trading platform designed for brokers and traders who are looking for a fast and reliable platform. Its advanced trading capabilities such as customizable charting tools, fast trade execution, and a user-friendly trading interface, has become a popular choice among many experienced traders. It offers a great alternative to MetaTrader, where its open architecture allows for greater brand differentiation and full customization, from plugins to integration of third-party tools.

It has a few unique features, such as advanced risk management tools, algorithmic and social trading, access to Level II pricing, and the ability to trade both Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and Forex on the same platform, allowing traders to diversify their portfolios.

Your Turnkey Brokerage Setup: Broctagon’s Full Suite Solutions

Our white label full solutions suite enables brokerages to go-to-market quickly and cost efficiently. With 360 integrations across trading terminals (cTrader, MetaTrader, ZeroX and more), CRM and liquidity, your FX Broker will be pre-optimized for peak compatibility and performance in every aspect. Along with our complementing advisory from years of battle tested experience, we are confident your broker will get an evident head start.
Built upon years of fruitful experience in providing innovative premier brokerage solutions, Broctagon prides itself on our unwavering dedication in delivering multi-asset liquidity and superior trading technology to retail brokerage firms globally. Bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry, we strive to streamline and elevate brokerages by equipping brokers with the means necessary to attract clients, exceed performance expectations and redefine industry standards.

About Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a leading multi-asset liquidity and full suite FX technology provider headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Cyprus, Thailand, and China. We specialize in performance-driven and bespoke solutions, serving clients across more than 500 countries with our liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage, and exchange solutions suite, as well as enterprise blockchain development.

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