Nexus 2.0 Liquidity for Crypto Exchanges
Supercharge Your Crypto Exchange Liquidity
Stream the Combined Orderbooks of Binance, Huobi, and More, Directly Into Your Exchange
Developed by Broctagon Fintech Group, NEXUS 2.0™ is a proprietary liquidity aggregator and STP (Straight-Through Processing) engine that will connect Your Crypto Exchange to the aggregated liquidity pool of the industry’s largest players, complete with upstream execution.

Connected to:

NEXUS : Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement
Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Instrument Symbol Liquidity Source Sell Spread Buy Liquidity Source
Once Your Exchange is Connected to NEXUS 2.0™,
These Aggregated Buy/Sell Prices Will be Immediately Reflected in Your Orderbook.​

What  Nexus 2.0 Trademark Logo Does For Your Exchange

Boost Your Order Book
For The Most Competitive Offerings

With NEXUS 2.0™, your Order Book will now reflect the aggregated price quotes from a globally sourced liquidity pool. Your traders will experience unprecedented market depth and liquidity.

NEXUS 2.0™
NEXUS 2.0™



STP Orders via SOR
For Execution Excellence

The NEXUS 2.0™ Matching Engine automatically selects the best BID and ASK prices across all connected exchanges to be executed via Smart Order Routing (SOR). Your traders will always get the best prices available.

Enhance Trading Experience
Stay Ahead of Competition

NEXUS 2.0™ levels the playing field, allowing Your Exchange to offer similar or better conditions than any single top exchange.

  • Higher quote frequency resulting in more detailed charts
  • Multiple liquidity tiers allow large orders to be executed without price slippage
  • Ultra-tight spreads keeps trading cost low for traders
NEXUS 2.0™
NEXUS 2.0™
The Future of Digital Asset Liquidity –
A Parallel to Interbank FX Liquidity
NEXUS 2.0™ tackles liquidity fragmentation – Paving the way for mass adoption. The NEXUS liquidity networks set the foundational infrastructure for inter-exchange liquidity that works in similar fashion to interbank FX liquidity.
We’re just 1 API Away
Our API-agnostic infrastructure allows us to connect to Your Exchange with zero integrative inertia within a fast turnaround time of just 4 days.
Scale The Rankings of CoinMarketCap with
Nexus 2.0 Trademark Logo
Schedule a Demo
We would love to give you a demo on how NEXUS 2.0™ streams liquidity in real-time for the best prices. Simply fill in your details and our NEXUS Specialist will be in contact with you shortly.
Alternatively, You can book a Demo directly here.
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