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The Broctagon Investment Tools strive to create an online marketplace, aimed at connecting your investors and money managers for mutually-beneficial profiting opportunities. Powered by three unique investment models built upon proven trading strategies, open the pathways to achieving greater portfolio success for your clients by growing their funds through battle-tested expertise.

PAMM / MAM / Social Trading

Investment Tools Dashboard

Featuring full integration with the AXIS CRM, your clients can choose to become an investor or money manager with Broctagon’s investment tools, equipped with customizable allocation and investment management capabilities.


  • Selection and subscription to preferred money managers
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Viewing of detailed trading statistics
  • High-water mark protection (No performance fee payout during underperforming circumstances)

Money Managers

  • Flexible performance fees
  • Zero trading limitations
  • Management of investor accounts
  • Vast range of GUI tools for investor account management
  • Trade strategy protection (Only closed trades can be viewed)

Investment Tools Admin Rights

Account Creation

Risk Management

Risk Management

Performance Fees

Specific Leverage

Customisable MT

Leaderboard Statistics

Overview glance of listed money managers with detailed insights into each manager’s performance chart, trade history, risk level and monthly ROI.

  • Navigate through a list of top-performing money managers
  • Adjust preferences through filters including performance, ROI and follower count
  • View statistical charts, graphs, and tables for every manager
  • Browse detailed trade statistics and history

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Broctagon Investment Tools

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