2009: Where Our Journey Began

A Humble Beginning

The core founding members of Broctagon started their journey of 10 years in the traditional financial markets. As brokers, they intimately understood the needs of the trillion-dollar industry from the ground up.

Well aware of the technological gaps in the industry, our founders developed Broctagon’s very own tech competencies which spearheaded the company’s strategic shift towards becoming an industry-leading brokerage solutions provider. ​With our first slogan “We’ve Got Your Back Bro”, Broctagon sought out to be the providers we wished we had, one with end-to-end solutions that was client centric and efficient.

– Don Guo, CEO

If there was one thing that we understood from 10 years in the business, It would be that when we help our clients succeed, we do too.


Commitment to Excellence

The 24th of July 2019, or 24/7, marks our 10th year of unwavering dedication to the fintech industry, our steely pursuit of excellence, and our constant drive for innovation.

This date has special significance to us as it not only represents our round-the-clock commitment to clients for the past 10 years, but also our unprecedented provision of true 24/7 trading through digital assets.

10 Years in the Making

Our New Singapore HQ

On 24/7, we unveiled our new Singapore headquarters in the heart of Asia’s financial hub. As a Singapore-helmed company, we are reestablishing a strong presence in our founding roots. Our new office headquarters are located at the Far East Finance Building in Raffles Place, a prime address right in the epicenter of Singapore’s buzzing financial district.

The Global Broctagon Team

A company is just a shell without its heart – its team. At Broctagon, our global offices with over 300 employees across 6 countries makes the difference. With years of expertise, our team is adept at identifying and embracing dynamic change, which means our clients are truly in good hands. Along with the guidance of our key leaders, Broctagon creates new paths and seeks the next disruptive force that enhances touchpoints in the industry.

A New Era of FX & Crypto Liquidity Provision

We have made it a core mission of ours to drive new innovations with the support of established practices. We pride ourselves in delivering institutional-grade, multi-asset liquidity to financial institutions globally, under the most ideal conditions with quality execution and tight spreads. All this made possible through our Broctagon NEXUS (Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement), a liquidity aggregator which unifies the world’s FX and Crypto liquidity within a frictionless marketplace. We’re more confident now than ever before that our offerings are one of the industry’s most competitive – and that is something definitely worth celebrating.

Thriving into the Future

With ten years of fintech finesse already under our belt, and with it, a wealth of valuable experience gained, strong partnerships forged, and an arsenal of cutting-edge products to take on the needs of the financial markets, we’re excited to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry and helping our clients growth from strength to strength.

To everyone who has helped make the last decade possible, and to everyone who will be part of our journey, thank you – we look forward to creating more synergies and growth opportunities with you. Onward to the next ten years.

The Broctagon 24/7 Celebration

There was a ten-course meal. There was bottomless champagne. There was a pair of dancing lions (it’s true).
At Broctagon, we know there’s a time to put our heads down and get things done, and
we know there’s a time to let our hair down and party – hard.

Here’s How We Did It

Our Milestones for the Last 10 Years

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