Blockchain Protocol Development

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In Broctagon’s vision of an all-inclusive working world powered by blockchain, transactions and operations are executed seamlessly and securely without friction to enable perfect business synchronisation and scalability. Our blockchain team bridges the gap between the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology and the complexities of existing system enterprises. Through close collaboration from ideation to implementation, we aim to strike the delicate balance between decentralisation and corporate pragmatism via customised protocol development.

Developed in partnership with an extensive network of blockchain, finance and technology professionals, Broctagon’s blockchain protocol development leverages upon our shared expertise to address a vast spectrum of industry challenges. We offer professional blockchain solutions for the following business elements:

Database Management
Supply Chain Management
Digital Identity Verification/ Management
Payment Networks
Asset Tokenisation

Achieving Measurable Success
From Ideation to Implementation

Blockchain Ideation
System design and innovation
Prototype Creation and Testing
Bringing ideas to life
Infrastructure Integration
Current workflow augmentation
Business Implementation
Securing consortium and enterprise blockchain networks


Modular Design
Created with a powerful modular architecture to provide enhanced design functionality and specific consensus algorithms compatible to any network, the resulting blockchain framework is easily integrated and interoperable across virtually all applications.


Data Privacy
Prioritizing user privacy and transactional confidentiality, all data segments will be rendered invisible and restricted towards unauthorized personnel, hence minimizing informational leakages by sharing data only with relevant participants.


Enhanced Blockchain Performance
Using tailored consensus mechanisms to deliver throughput stability, blockchain transactional executions are optimized to process thousands of applications simultaneously, increasing processing efficiency and delivery acceleration while being resource-effective.


Integrative Functionality
Built with an adaptive API interface that matches easily with any programming language, existing software components can be augmented through blockchain integration, without major amendments or overhaul of current infrastructures.

Enterprise Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts Made Smarter

A step up from public smart contracts, enterprise smart contracts offer the next tier of enhanced capabilities and requirements by providing a secure multi-party platform for running business operations with a cryptographic proof system including native integration with multiple blockchains. Enterprise smart contracts allow for the clearer distribution of costs, risks and features, unlocking the power of blockchain-based applications while leveraging upon cloud flexibility to be fully immersive and integrated within modern enterprise environments.

Enterprise smart contracts introduce the separation of concerns during the execution stage which features the modularisation of data, logic, contract participants and various dependencies. This deploys high-functionality contract templates which provide the level of security, performance and technological capabilities expected from enterprises. Broctagon provides the framework needed to deliver the core competencies and necessary infrastructure for implementing enterprise smart contracts.

Reach the Next level in the Blockchain Revolution

with Enterprise Smart Contracts

Customized Encryption
Through logic execution via enterprise smart contracts, both data and logic can be kept undisclosed between counterparties before ledger postings, allowing for improved discrete and flexible privacy models with full security.
Executional Flexibility
Enterprise smart contracts hold the ability to execute conditions “off-chain,” allowing for enhanced flexibility, performance, scalability, back-end architecture and development environments.
Multi-Trust Model
Creating a multi-trust model where different privacy measures can be implemented depending on certain blockchains, enterprise smart contracts removes the trust limitations of public blockchain platforms.

Intelligent Automation for Trustless Systems

Incremental Testing
Every smart contract produced will undergo a rigorous series of checks and balances to ensure secure, logically-sound and tested source codes for streamlined operations at actual runtime.
Broctagon’s smart contracts come embedded with specially-tailored industry-centric scripting that require minimal adjustments, enabling seamless workflow integration and usage right from the start.
Complete Configuration
Scaling to the varying requirements of enterprise network setups, our unique consensus algorithms are fully configurable to address different use cases, allowing for additional nodes and faster transaction speeds.
Prototype Simulation
Multiple scenario simulations will be carried out to allow future users to view the exact contract outcomes and innerworkings, with various editable parameters available to recreate desired environments.

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