Your Quick-Start to On-Chain Data

Broctagon’s Blockchain-in-a-Box (BIB) allows businesses to integrate their data on blockchain quickly and seamlessly. Be future-ready with the efficiency and security of distributed ledger technology without hefty developmental investments.

With Broctagon, you can. Here’s what we do.

Enhanced Data Management on Chain

BIB provides superior data storage solutions by implementing data on blockchain. Blockchain technology can enhance business performance by facilitating cross-departmental and cross-agency communications through sophisticated access control as well as mitigate risks by making records and audit trails immutable.

Operational efficiency through automated smart contracts and removal of manual redundancies

Record traceability and security through distributed database and multiple nodes

Business scalability and faster processing with a decentralized administration

Industry-Agnostic Integration

BIB is industry-agnostic, designed to elevate data storage functions for a diverse range of industries. From the security and
decentralization of a public protocol or the compliance-support and privacy of a permissioned enterprise protocol, BIB will
assess your business requirements and aid you in selecting one of the major blockchain protocols such as BTC, ETH, NEO,
XRP and more, to implement your integration.

Supply Chain

  • Warehouse Management
  • Food Trade
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics

Proof of Ownership

  • Intellectual Property
  • Automobiles
  • Real Estate
  • Patents
  • Games
  • Music
  • Art

Digital Identity

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Record Keeping
  • Notary
  • Voting


  • Securities Settlement
  • Decentralized
  • Fundraising
  • Exchanges
  • Equity

Digital Currency

  • Loan services
  • E-Commerce
  • Remittance
  • Payments
  • Escrow

Enterprise-Ready Deployment

BlB is a plug-and-play model that gives your business an accelerated start to getting your data on blockchain


Rapid provisioning of a blockchain with your chosen data set.


No disruption to your existing business process or changes to your current technological framework.


Skip the complex developments and gain the immediate advantages of blockchain.

Your Route to a Future-Ready
Business on Blockchain

Secure your chosen
data on blockchain.

Test business compatibility
and use case

Full blockchain development
for your business

What’s in the Box

Your Data on Chain

Your data seamlessly integrated on a chosen type of blockchain, from public consensus to private enterprise protocols, aligned with your business goals.

Blockchain Explorer

Block monitoring and explorer tools to view and verify your information on-chain, and to manage overall blockchain transactions.

Smart Contracts

Automatic execution of business data and processes on-chain, implemented with rules and conditions for specific business operations.

Choose from 3 types of blockchain integration customization to suit your business needs



Broctagon Public Exporer

1 Free

Capped rate depend on shared network


Shared Private Chain

Broctagon Explorer with Access Control

2 Free, Max. 15 Supported



Dedicated Private Chain

Fully-Branded Explorer

Scalable; To be discussed


Get your data on blockchain in as quickly as

A Turnkey Solution Uniquely Adapted For Your Business

Blockchain-in-a-Box allows any business to experience the benefits of implementing data on the blockchain, before embarking on a full-flegded development when needed.

Clients’ Use Case Spotlight

Forex Trade Records on Blockchain

Trade Assurance for Brokers to Traders

  • Automatic syncing of data from traders’ terminal
  • Verify matching trade details on blockchain explorer
  • Ensure no transaction data manipulation

Securities Issuance on Blockchain

Blockchain for the Capital Markets

  • Tokenization of the financial industry
  • Worldwide accessibility to digital assets
  • Address ineffiencies in capital markets processes

Take Your First Step into the Future of Data

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