We enable brokers to launch distinctive brands successfully.

One Stop HubFrom technology to liquidity, all in one place.

Fast & EfficientSave time and money with no development required.


Prop Trading Challenge

Prop Trading SolutionsFully managed Prop Firm setup or plug-n-play Prop Challenge system for your FX Broker, we’ve got both.User Guide | Release Notes
MT4 & MT5 White Label

FX Trading Platform (ZeroX)Turnkey FX Broker setup. Fast, competitive and hyper optimized with our CRM and liquidity.

FX Broker CRM (AXIS)Your highly customizable and fully branded FX Broker CRM deployed in 1 Day. SaaS model, no setup fee.User Guide | Release Notes
MT4 & MT5 White Label

MT4 & MT5 White LabelWorld renowned Metaquotes trading platform integrated with Broctagon’s full solution suite.
Over 1800 instruments with spreads from zero & 10 Tier Market Depth.
Investment Platform

MT5 Report Server Recreating the flexibility of MT4 Report Server for MT5 White Labels to allow individual customizations. 
Investment Platform

Investment PlatformPAMM / MAM / Social Trading
Ancillary Services

Ancillary ServicesIncorporation / Licensing / Website
Data Centre Security

Data Centre SecurityProtection / Recovery / Pentest

We enable exchanges to be instantly competitive with robust liquidity.


We help tokens manage liquidity so they can focus on delivering success.


NEXUS LinkLiquidity Aggregator &
STP Engine
Supercharge your order books with aggregated liquidity.
NEXUS AutoChart

NEXUS AutoChartData-Driven
Chart Synthesis
K-line plotting with global price discovery.

NEXUS CoreAutomated Market Making
Highly customizable with
full in-house control.
NEXUS Native

NEXUS NativeAltcoin / Native Token
Liquidity Management
Market making and capital management system.

We enable businesses to participate in a decentralized future with minimal inertia.

Managed ServiceSo you can focus on your core business

SeamlessIntegrate blockchain into your current infrastructure


Free Consultancy

Free ConsultancyAllow us to understand your business to customize the perfect fit for your needs.

Schedule a Meeting

NFT Marketplace

NFT MarketplaceLaunch your fully branded NFT marketplace x social media platform.
Asset Tokenization

Asset Tokenization PlatformLaunch your tokenized assets complete with an APP, CRM and Explorer with our plug-and-play platform.

Blockchain-in-a-BoxIndustry-agnostic data
integration on chain for
experimental implementation.
Whitepaper Creation

Whitepaper CreationCraft a professional whitepaper complete with project and
technical advisory.
Enterprise Development

Enterprise DevelopmentTailored, end-to-end solutions
and consultancy for non-disruptive blockchain implementation.

DeFi Yield Farming

DeFi Yield Farming Advanced DeFi Farming Solution
DeFi Arbitrage Bot

DeFi Arbitrage BotAutomated DeFi Arbitrage System
DeFi Lending

DeFi LendingDecentralized Lending-Borrowing Platform

DeFi DEX AMMDecentralized Exchange and AMM

DeFi StakingTailored Staking Platform Solutions

Token VestingRobust Token Distribution System

Experience Spectacular.

The Ultimate FX Broker CRM

FX Broker CRM

In the competitive FX sphere, your brokerage wants to be distinctive yet nimble to dynamic changes. That’s exactly how AXIS was designed.

A powerful, modular CRM that is cost efficient, scalable, extremely customizable and complete with an IB-centric module that hosts some of the most advanced affiliate marketing tools for rapid market expansion.

Stay ahead of competition, way ahead.

Engineered for the Modern Brokerage

saas model

SaaS Model, Zero Setup Fee


Deployable in 24 hrs

Full Trading Platform Integrations

13 Languages


Japanese (日本語)

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Chinese Traditional (繁體中文)

Chinese Simplified (简体中文)

Thai (ไทย)


Indonesia (Bahasa Indo)

German (Deutsch)

Spanish (Español)

Arabic (العربية)

Korean (한국인)


Add any new language in 1 day

Client Portal

  • KYC Wizard
  • Payments Hub
  • E-Wallet
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Live Chat/Ticketing System
  • Reporting

Admin Portal

  • Brand Customization
  • Client Manangement
  • Approval Management
  • Servers & Domains Management
  • Analytics Module
  • Notifications Module

IB Core Module

  • Multi-tier Commission System
  • Highly Customizable Rewards Logic
  • Expandable Referral Heirarchy
  • Flexible Distribution Frequency
  • Real-time Commission Calculation
  • 7 Commission Types

Your Fully Branded Brokerage CRM

Deployed within 24 hours.

Say hello to a CRM that is uniquely yours.

Create a fully branded CRM that exudes in-house vibes,
with the flexibility to modify anytime you wish via your admin portal.

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182 Brokers world-wide are powered by AXIS.

Statistics updated 2024

Login Page

Multiple pre-set styles available with the option to upload your own distinct designs

System UI

Customize the entire system appearance and colour scheme based on your media kit and upload your own logo


Choose between horizontal and vertical navigation menu as well as dark/light themes

Where utility is everything.

AXIS is power packed with a multitude of features so that your end-users’ trading experience is nothing short of excellence. More than a decade of battle tested experience went into the crafting of a CRM that is intuitive, functional yet impeccably modular.


A trader centric design that is easy to use with quick navigation to important actions.

2FA Authentication

Protect your traders’ accounts with additional security through authenticators.

Open API

Integrate easily with external systems for PSPs, marketing, reporting, SMS-services etc.


Maintain a professional and aesthetical look on any screen size.


Protection from spam and abuse by bot attacks.


Cloud database infrastructure that scales as you grow for both cost efficiency and optimization.

Bulk Actions

Many functions such as deposit, approvals, banning, edits were built with batch execution.


Two-step verification QR code and Scrypt algorithm on passwords are enabled.


Whitelisting functions and alerts to identify vulnerabilities.

Smart Currency Conversion

Supports multi-currency balances and configurable exchange rates within the CRM wallet.

Audit Log

Examine, diagnose or troubleshoot easily with audit trails for all system actions.


Mandatory SSL encryption and elastic microservices for DDos mitigation.

Supported Platforms

Integrated PSPs

Supported Channels

Supported Currencies




USDT(ERC20) (BEP20) (TRC20)
USDC(ERC20) (BEP20) (TRC20)

Open API Marketplace

Access our ever expanding ecosystem of Plug-and-Play applications such as KYC, VoIP, Live Chat, Digital Asset Custodian and many value-added vendor integrations to boost your brokerage.

Install with one-click and use immediately.

and many more

Any specific integrations needed? Our CRM is designed for efficient integrations. Speak to your dedicated client success manager to proceed.

Client Portal

Cater to every touchpoint of your client’s trading journey and deliver world-class service with a CRM that allows easy navigation to all crucial services and comes seamlessly synced with MT4, MT5, cTrader, ZeroX amongst other trading platforms.

Key Features


Comprehensive overview of all the information that matters to your clients. Highly intuitive for easy navigation to the exact services they need.

ClientPortal Dashboard1
ClientPortal Dashboard2
Trading Account Info

Display of important information such as balance, commissions, client / referral network growth and more.

Customizable Menu
Brokers can easily edit or add any tab to the navigation menu:
  • MT4/5 Terminal Download links
  • Embed Web Pages (Promotions etc)
  • Document download links
  • Widgets, Economic Calendar, Newsfeed, Trade Analysis
ClientPortal Dashboard1
ClientPortal Dashboard2
ClientPortal Registration1
ClientPortal Registration2
ClientPortal Registration3

Registration & KYC

Tailor a registration procedure that fits your business and regulatory needs. AXIS currently serves FCA, CySEC, FSA compliant brokers amongst many others.

ClientPortal Registration1
ClientPortal Registration2
ClientPortal Registration3
Registration Form
Configure the fields based on your preference, from a hassle free email-only signup to a full length registration. Single step CRM-cum-trading account opening is also an option.
KYC Wizard
Customize multiple levels of KYC, each with corresponding account activities permitted.
3rd Party Integration
Connect to KYC vendors and synchronise data seamlessly for both automated approvals or assisted manual approvals

Multi-Account Management

Fully integrated and synchronised with MT4 & MT5 so your clients can manage all accounts without logging in to the trading terminal.

ClientPortal MultiAccount1
ClientPortal MultiAccount2
ClientPortal MultiAccount3
Account Opening

Traders can create live/demo accounts based on broker’s pre-set list of account types.

Account Settings
Traders can view the respective balances and free margin of all their accounts at once, as well as modify leverage and passwords.
Account Reports
Traders can access compressive reports such as trading history, open & pending orders with real-time data pulled from the MT4/5 platform.
ClientPortal MultiAccount1
ClientPortal MultiAccount2
ClientPortal MultiAccount3
ClientPortal Funds1
ClientPortal Funds2
ClientPortal Funds3

Funds Management

Your clients can easily deposit and send funds instantly to their trading account with our integrated payments hub and e-wallet system.

ClientPortal Funds1
ClientPortal Funds2
ClientPortal Funds3
Deposit (Payments Hub)
Select from any of our preconnected payment services provider or digital currency channels. Alternatively, connect to any electronic money issuer effortlessly with our open API. Wire transfer is also supported. Brokers can customize deposit options based on regions/client groups, as well as set related fees.
Transfer (E-Wallet)
The e-wallet system acts a secure vault wallet within the CRM. It allows traders to manage their finances across multiple trading accounts from one place, easily sending funds between their wallet and accounts to avoid margin calls and stop outs. 3rd party inter wallet transfer functions can also be enabled by brokers.
Traders can store and manage a list of bank accounts for withdrawals and even whitelist these accounts for enhanced security. Brokers can customize withdrawal form fields and methods based on regions/client groups, as well as set related fees.

Client Support

Extend world-class service and support to your clients with multiple communication touchpoints.

ClientPortal ClientComms1
ClientPortal ClientComms2
ClientPortal ClientComms3
Live Chat
Connect to a vendor of your choice or one of our pre-connected systems.
Ticketing System
Clients can submit tickets with attachments and follow up on any pending requests easily within the ticket center where they can view full conversation logs.
Keep your clients up to date on the latest news or on-going promotions by sending notifications via pop-up announcements or emails.
ClientPortal ClientComms1
ClientPortal ClientComms2
ClientPortal ClientComms3

Try a Free Demo
Or let us walk you through

Don’t just hear it from us. Experience our game changing CRM for yourself hands-on in our demo environment.

Admin Portal

Your business management gateway with more than 350 customizable parameters for your specific needs. Easily delegate duties with permissioned user roles with organizational hierarchy and even create an entire IB ecosystem that is unique to your brokerage.

Admin Dashboard

Key business insights and dynamic statistics at a glance for an immediate overview of your current business performance.

admin dashboard 01

Client Growth

Stay on top of your business with comprehensive information at your fingertips:

  • Total No. of Clients/IBs
  • Client Source Distribution
  • Client Regional Distribution
  • Open Positions Volume
  • New Registrations
  • First-time Deposits
  • Commissions
  • IB Ranks Distribution

Pending Approvals

Quickly navigate to the list of tasks that requires your team’s attention.

Financial Status

View deposits & withdrawals summary both in wallets and accounts for easy finance management.

Business Intelligence

Access top 10 ranking statistics of deposit/withdrawals, trading volume, symbols and more for enhanced risk management.


admin dashboard2 01

Key Features

Internal Management

(User Roles, Customer Support, Sales Team)

Leads Management

Client Management

Approval Management

Multi-Platform & Server


Analytics Module

Notifications Module

Audit Module

IB Core Module

Integrated as part of both the client and admin portal, the IB core module allows any trader to become your business partner.

Deploy the industry’s most powerful multi-tier marketing tool and let your IBs, partners and affiliates unlock their full potential.

Key Features

client portal 2

Client Portal

  • IB Centre
  • Client Reports & Requests
  • Client Hierarchy Tree
  • Commission Details
admin portal 2

Admin Portal

  • Referral Campaigns
  • IB Ranks
  • Unlimited-tier Commissions
  • Deposit Bonuses
IB Centre
Client Hierarchy Tree
Client Reports & Requests
Commission Details

IB Centre

Allow your partnering IBs to track their daily progress and manage their business with absolute ease.

  • Referral network list overview
  • Dynamic data display for daily performance
  • Personal affiliate link for online marketing and easy sponsoring

Client Hierarchy Tree

Enable your IBs effective oversight of their network expansion and strategize rank promotions.

  • Fully expandable network tree showcasing client relationship, tier and trading account
  • Complete client details
    (based on accessibility settings by broker)
  • Smart query function

Client Reports & Requests

Give your IBs greater insights into the trading patterns, funds movement and activities of their client network for better management.

IBs can view clients’:

  • Deposit/withdrawal history
  • Transaction order history
  • Open positions
  • Submitted account requests
  • Subordinate IB commission breakdown

Commission Details

Keep your IBs motivated with detailed and transparent commission income breakdown.

  • Real time transparent data
  • Sort data – time, symbol, type
  • Export and integrate with advanced analytic tools
Referral Campaigns
Unlimited-tier Commissions
IB Ranks
Deposit Bonuses

Referral Campaigns

Kick start marketing campaigns with ease using pre-set matrices to create highly tailored promotional links.

  • Supports multiple ongoing campaigns
  • Customizable target audience
  • Promotions can be specific to domain or even particular IBs
  • Promotion links can be tied to servers or MT groups
  • Can be assigned to sales team

Unlimited-tier Commissions

Have full control and flexibility in designing ideal commission schemes for your introducing brokers (IBs) and affiliates with hundreds of customizable combinations.

  • Multi-tier commissions with no limit to number of levels
  • Commission plans can be specific to symbol group, MT group or IBs
  • Commissions can be rebated to e-wallet or trading account
  • Supports overriding as well as same-tier rebates
  • Anti-scalping mechanism to prevent commission churning risks
  • Flexibility to customize commissions for specific individuals

IB Ranks

Build a unique IB and affiliate ecosystem that can rapidly broaden your business frontier.

  • Set the number of levels of IB ranks
  • Customize names for each rank
  • Grant different permissions and information access based on rank
  • Automated rank promotion based on pre-set conditions
  • Support reassignment of IB to another hierarchy with bulk movement of network

Deposit Bonuses

Automated rewards to both referrals and clients based on new deposits.

  • Many customizable trigger conditions –
    Target Deposit Amount with multiple tiers
    Optional Trade Volume Requirement
    Multiple Deposit Intervals
    Client Group
  • Set bonus ratio between referrer (IB) /client
  • Bonus can be paid as credits or deposited to trading account or e-wallet
  • Bonus can be percentage of deposits or fixed amounts
Unlimited IB/Affiliate Tiers
Unlimited Expandable Hierarchy
Rebate Types
  • Lots
  • Spreads
  • PIPs
  • Markup %
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Fixed/Variable
Distribution Frequency
  • Real Time
  • Promotion Duration
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
Customizable Logic
  • Event Only
  • Client MT/CRM Groups
  • Region
  • Time Range
  • Servers
  • Symbols

Mobile Optimized

Anytime, anywhere.

The epitome of business on-the-go. Your traders and IBs manage all their trading accounts and affiliate campaigns in one powerful App, while your team can continue to manage the business remotely wherever they may be without compromise.

AXIS CRM phone
Languages Available


Japanese (日本語)

Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Chinese Traditional (繁體中文)

Chinese Simplified (简体中文)

Thai (ไทย)


Indonesia (Bahasa Indo)

German (Deutsch)

Spanish (Español)

Arabic (العربية)

Korean (한국인)


Add any new language in 24 hours



Whether you are a brand new broker or industry veteran, AXIS has everything you need and more. Migrate easily without hassle. We’ve got your back and that’s our guarantee.


Let’s have your CRM ready in 24 hours


Have a question? Let us assist.

Our Solution Suite

Multi-Asset Liquidity

Access more than 1800 instruments including digital asset CFDs, with spreads from zero.

axis icon

FX Brokerage CRM

Grow your clients fast with a powerful SaaS CRM complete with multi-tiered affiliate modules.

Investment Tools

Introduce your clients to the smarter, faster and easier way of making investments.

Ancillary Services

Get your brokerage up and running with the proper business foundation.

Data Security Centre

Shield and secure your business against all cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
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