We enable brokers to launch distinctive brands successfully.

One Stop HubFrom technology to liquidity, all in one place.

Fast & EfficientSave time and money with no development required.


MT4/5 White LabelTurnkey FX Broker trading platform integrated with Broctagon’s complete solution suite.

AXIS FX CRMYour highly customizable and fully branded FX Broker CRM deployed in 1 Day. SaaS model, no setup fee.
Over 1300 instruments with spreads from zero.

Investment PlatformPAMM / MAM / Social Trading

Ancillary ServicesIncorporation / Licensing / Website

Data Centre SecurityProtection / Recovery / Pentest

We enable exchanges to be instantly competitive with robust liquidity.


We help tokens manage liquidity so they can focus on delivering success.


NEXUS LinkLiquidity Aggregator &
STP Engine
Supercharge your order books with aggregated liquidity.

NEXUS AutoChartData-Driven
Chart Synthesis
K-line plotting with global price discovery.

NEXUS CoreAutomated Market Making
Highly customizable with
full in-house control.

NEXUS NativeAltcoin / Native Token
Liquidity Management
Market making and capital management system.

We enable businesses to participate in a decentralized future with minimal inertia.

Managed ServiceSo you can focus on your core business

SeamlessIntegrate blockchain into your current infrastructure


Free ConsultancyAllow us to understand your business to customize the perfect fit for your needs.

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NFT MarketplaceLaunch your fully branded NFT marketplace x social media platform.

Asset Tokenization PlatformLaunch your tokenized assets complete with an APP, CRM and Explorer with our plug-and-play platform.

Blockchain-in-a-BoxIndustry-agnostic data
integration on chain for
experimental implementation.

Whitepaper CreationCraft a professional whitepaper complete with project and
technical advisory.

Enterprise DevelopmentTailored, end-to-end solutions
and consultancy for non-disruptive blockchain implementation.

DeFi Yield Farming

DeFi Arbitrage Bot

DeFi Lending


Data Centre Security

Effectively Secure Your Virtual, Cloud, Physical,
and Hybrid Data Environments.

The Greatest Asset to
Any Business is a Client’s Trust

Information and data have become the highest priority targets in digital business around the world. Broctagon offers high availability solutions for protection against attacks that put client information at risk of theft, minimize operational disruption while delivering ultra-low latency to all trading environments.​

Threat Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring of private cloud and physical data centre environments

Continuous security monitoring of private cloud and physical data centre environments

Server Protection

Anti-malware and threat protection for virtual servers
Anti-malware and threat protection for virtual servers

Disaster Recovery

Routine disaster tests to verify projected recovery timings and data integrity

Routine disaster tests to verify projected recovery timings and data integrity

Multiple Server Nodes

Maintaining of business operations during cyber attacks with minimal disruption

Maintaining of business operations during cyber attacks with minimal disruption

System Penetration Testing

One cyber incident is enough to cripple any business with extensive loss to income, reputation and clientele.

Ensure Your Digital Assets Are Well-Protected

In the current digital era, cyber protection must be robust enough to tackle the ever growing threats to system security. To give security systems and personnel real scenarios in dealing with an intrusion, Broctagon’s team of OSCP testers performs a comprehensive ethical hacking procedure to validate and scan for vulnerabilities in digital security in accordance with the OWASP-based best practices for penetration testing framework.

How Does it Work?

The system penetration testing is suitable for companies that have already taken security measures, and now want to verify the efficiency of these measures. Namely, the penetration testing is not a complete security audit, but is rather aimed at discovering the security deficiencies that enable the attacker to reach their goals as simply as possible.

Establishing Test Parameters

We define beforehand the parameters and goals for penetration testing – Types of attack to simulate, the attacker’s motivation, internal or external origin of attack, and more.

Executing Ethical Hack Procedures

We perform a controlled attack on infrastructure such as web devices, servers, users’ computers. No harm done to infrastructure throughout the hacking process.

Generating Test Report

During the test, all deficiencies are recorded and then presented in the final report. We provide information on the softest points of the system along with recommendations for the abolishment of deficiencies.

Our Turnkey Solutions

Multi-Asset Liquidity

Access more than 1300 instruments including digital asset CFDs, with spreads from zero.

MT4/5 Turnkey Solutions

A powerful CRM equips the best brokers with the necessary marketing tools to grow their client network.
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FX Brokerage CRM

Grow your clients fast with
a powerful SaaS CRM complete with multi-tiered affiliate modules.

Investment Tools

Introduce your clients to the smarter, faster and easier way of making investments.

Ancillary Services

Get your brokerage up and running with the proper business foundation.
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