Spot Forex

Foreign exchange is the world’s most liquid financial market, with an estimated daily turnover exceeding $4 trillion. Broctagon offers liquidity for more than 50 instruments with enhanced execution and competitive turnover feeds ranging from spot, commodities, metals and indices. Take advantage of our broad range of professional services and access our liquidity pool today.

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Description Symbol
Euro vs United States Dollar EUR/USD
United States Dollar vs Japanese Yen USD/JPY
British Pound vs United States Dollar GBP/USD
United States Dollar vs Swiss Franc USD/CHF
United States Dollar vs Canadian Dollar USD/CAD
Australian Dollar vs United States Dollar AUD/USD
New Zealand Dollar vs United States Dollar NZD/USD
Description Symbol
Euro vs Swiss Franc EUR/CHF
Euro vs British Pound EUR/GBP
Euro vs Canadian Dollar EUR/CAD
Euro vs Australian Dollar EUR/AUD
Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EUR/NZD
Euro vs Swedish Krona EUR/SEK
Euro vs Norwegian Krone EUR/NOK
Euro vs Japanese Yen EUR/JPY
British Pound vs Japanese Yen GBP/JPY
Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen CHF/JPY
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen CAD/JPY
Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen AUD/JPY
New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen NZD/JPY
British Pound vs Swiss Franc GBP/CHF
British Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBP/CAD
British Pound vs Australian Dollar GBP/AUD
British Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBP/NZD
Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc AUD/CHF
Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUD/CAD
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD
Canadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc CAD/CHF
New Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc NZD/CHF
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar NZD/CAD
Description Symbol
Australian Dollar vs Norwegian Krone AUD/NOK
Australian Dollar vs Polish Zloty AUD/PLN
Australian Dollar vs Swedish Krona AUD/SEK
Australian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar AUD/SGD
Canadian Dollar vs Singapore Dollar CAD/SGD
Swiss Franc Swedish Krona CHF/SEK
Swiss Franc vs Singapore Dollar CHF/SGD
Euro vs Czech Republic Koruna EUR/CZK
Euro vs Hungarian Forint EUR/HUF
Euro vs Polish Zloty EUR/PLN
Euro vs Romanian Leu EUR/RON
Euro vs Russian Ruble EUR/RUB
Euro vs Singapore Dollar EUR/SGD
Euro vs Turkish Lira EUR/TRY
Euro vs South African Rand EUR/ZAR
British Pound vs Hungarian Forint GBP/HUF
British Pound vs Mexican Peso GBP/MXN
British Pound vs Norwegian Krone GBP/NOK
British Pound vs Polish Zloty GBP/PLN
British Pound vs Swedish Krona GBP/SEK
British Pound vs Singapore Dollar GBP/SGD
British Pound vs Turkish Lira GBP/TRY
British Pound vs South African Rand GBP/ZAR
Mexican Peso vs Japanese Yen MXN/JPY
Norwegian Krone vs Japanese Yen NOK/JPY
Norwegian Krone vs Swedish Krona NOK/SEK
Singapore Dollar vs Japanese Yen SGD/JPY
Turkish Lira vs Japanese Yen TRY/JPY
United States Dollar vs Chinese Yuan USD/CNH
United States Dollar vs Czech Republic Koruna USD/CZK
United States Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar USD/HKD
United States Dollar vs Hungarian Forint USD/HUF
United States Dollar vs Israeli Shekel USD/ILS
United States Dollar vs Mexican Peso USD/MXN
United States Dollar vs Norwegian Krone USD/NOK
United States Dollar vs Polish Zloty USD/PLN
United States Dollar vs Romanian Leu USD/RON
United States Dollar vs Russian Ruble USD/RUB
United States Dollar vs Singapore Dollar USD/SGD
United States Dollar vs Swedish Krona USD/SEK
United States Dollar vs Turkish Lira USD/TRY
United States Dollar vs South African Rand USD/ZAR
South African Rand vs Japanese Yen ZAR/JPY

Cryptocurrency Derivatives

With the growing profile of cryptocurrencies amongst traders, cryptocurrency derivatives have become a widely popular product due to the nature of crypto market exposure without the risk of owning the assets. Expand market reach beyond traditional currencies today and allow traders to participate in the fastest growing financial market by introducing cryptocurrency derivatives with leverage of up to 1:5.

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Description Symbol
Bitcoin vs United States Dollar BTC/USD
Bitcoin vs Euro BTC/EUR
Bitcoin vs Japanese Yen BTC/JPY
Bitcoin vs British Pound BTC/GBP
Ethereum vs United States Dollar ETH/USD
Ethereum vs Euro ETH/EUR
Ethereum vs Japanese Yen ETH/JPY
Ethereum vs British Pound ETH/GBP
Litecoin vs United States Dollar LTC/USD
Litecoin vs Euro LTC/EUR
Litecoin vs Japanese Yen LTC/JPY
Bitcoin Cash vs United States Dollar BCH/USD
Dash vs United States Dollar DASH/USD
NEO vs United States Dollar NEO/USD
Monero vs United States Dollar XMR/USD
Zcash vs United States Dollar ZEC/USD
Eidoo vs United States Dollar EDO/USD
EOS vs United States Dollar EOS/USD
Metaverse vs United States Dollar ETP/USD
IOTA vs United States Dollar IOTA/USD
OmiseGo vs United States Dollar OMG/USD
Santiment vs United States Dollar SAN/USD
Ripple vs United States Dollar XRP/USD
Description Symbol
Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin BCH/BTC
Dash vs Bitcoin DASH/BTC
Eidoo vs BIT EDO/BIT
Ethereum vs Bitcoin ETH/BTC
Metaverse vs BIT ETP/BIT
Litecoin vs Bitcoin LTC/BTC
NEO vs Bitcoin NEO/BTC
OmiseGo vs BIT OMG/BIT
Santiment vs BIT SAN/BIT
Monero vs Bitcoin XMR/BTC
Ripple vs BIT XRP/BIT
Zcash vs Bitcoin ZEC/BTC
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