NEXTBLOCK Asia: What’s Next for Crypto?

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

Broctagon Fintech Group was recently at the NEXTBLOCK Asia Conference held by Krypton Events in Bangkok, Thailand from 25th to 26 June. The two-day event of ‘Beyond Crypto’ featured engaging discussions from 750+ of the best minds, leaders, and visionaries from the crypto, blockchain and financial space.

With our years in traditional finance, Broctagon was excited to see what new innovation in the fintech sector will bring, and observe Bangkok’s exceptional growth in the technology sector presented at the NEXTBLOCK Conference.

Herbert Sim, Head of Business Development at Broctagon, was part of a panel discussion in what’s next for crypto:

Will Bitcoin continue to be the poster coin for crypto or will others eventually overtake it?

We have seen the rise of other cryptos and their use cases. At Broctagon, we constantly pursue innovation in search for new and better applications for the industry.

For those involved in the crypto industry, the Bitcoin price rise should come as no surprise. We’ve recently seen perfect market conditions for a rally, and it shows no sign of stopping. The recent Facebook Libra announcement, as well as the heightened demand for CME crypto futures, show that large institutions are realising the opportunity cost of not being involved in crypto, and dragging the market up with them.

“Conditions are also perfect for any nervous retail investors considering dipping their toes back into crypto investing. Firstly, the Bitcoin hash rate is at an all time high, making the digital currency more more secure than ever. Furthermore, passing the 10k mark will also trigger FOMO, meaning we could see a large scale re-entry to the market. If this trajectory continues, then 2019 could be a record-breaking year for Bitcoin,” said Herbert.

At Broctagon, we understand the advantages that cryptocurrency derivatives bring to the table. That’s why we have built a tool which elevates the advantages of crypto derivatives trading by unlocking the power of aggregated global crypto liquidity. The Broctagon Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement (NEXUS) allows prime exchanges, brokers, and financial institutions to access the forex standard of deep, multilateral, ECN liquidity for the first time ever.

Ask us about NEXUS today!

About Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a multi-asset liquidity and technology provider headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in China, India, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. With our decade of serving satisfied clients in 50 countries, Broctagon is well-equipped to elevate companies through performance-driven and flexible turnkey solutions such as our liquidity aggregator technology, brokerage technology solutions, and enterprise blockchain development.

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