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Broctagon launches“Blockchain-in-a-Box”: A Blockchain Proof-of-Concept

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Broctagon Fintech Group has launched Blockchain-in-a-Box (BIB), a blockchain solutions kit starter kit designed to provide a tangible proof-of-concept for modern companies looking to integrate blockchain into their businesses.

BIB is an enterprise-ready blockchain-as-a-service launchpad, which allows businesses to build their ideas on a fully-functional blockchain solutions platform. With BIB, projects can showcase their ideas to investors through a customized use-case specific user interface, and test the viability of their project concepts before embarking on a large-scale development through BIB’s use-case specific smart contracts.

Since the height of ICOs in 2017, investors have lost billions investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects. There is a huge gap between the tall claims of a blockchain project, and actual, verifiable results. Investors are now more cautious about where they sink their funds in, and understandably so.

“It’s a chicken-and-egg situation and we identified that,”

said Don Guo, CEO at Broctagon Fintech Group, on the industry’s needs.

“These great ideas need funding to become real-world projects, but to receive funding, most investors want to see that there’s a tangible project. Projects find themselves needing hefty sums for blockchain development, but they do not have that to begin with. Because of that, many ideas end up remaining just that — ideas, and don’t come to fruition.”

Between beautifully-designed whitepapers and persuasively-written articles, it is difficult to pick a good, functionable idea in the sea of noise. With Broctagon’s Blockchain-in-a-Box, companies can take their project out of the ideation stage, and get a proof-of-concept without a hefty fee. This gives them their chance to secure the next seed of investor funding.

Kian Tan, Blockchain Product Specialist at Broctagon Fintech Group said,

“There are a lot of brilliant minds with fantastic ideas, who know exactly what to do —but don’t have a tech partner. Broctagon’s role is that with our experience, we can avoid the pitfalls that come with blockchain development and give them a chance to reach their first milestone. With a viable initial use-case, they are then able to fine-tune their projects.”

Just last month, Broctagon celebrated ten years in providing fintech solutions. From experts in traditional finance, Broctagon has adapted and quickly identified the needs of the finance industry to provide constantly innovative services.

Contact us at if you would like to find out more about Broctagon’s BIB.

About Broctagon Fintech Group

Broctagon Fintech Group is a conglomerate with core competencies in total fintech solutions. Powering leading FX brokers globally, the group provides multi-assset liquidity, brokerage technology solutions, and enterprise blockchain development. The company is driven by a 300-strong team of professionals spanning 7 countries specialising in providing advanced, dynamic and turnkey innovations.

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