AXIS CRM V3.19.0 – Update Log

Tuesday, December 28th, 2021

In this latest update, we continue paying attention to improving the user experience of IB, Traders, and Admin.

Traders and IBs can now access CRM and their referrers more easily. Admin now have greater access to rebate model settings and manager data.

Data Management

  1. Administrators can now can delete trading accounts directly from the CRM. This will make it easier to manage trading accounts for brokers. Do note that by doing so, the binding between clients and trading account will also be deleted as well.
  2. Administrators can now directly edit client’s KYC information without submitting a request to higher-leveled Administrators. This will enhance the KYC process and allow for a more flexible response should there be any changes to a client’s documentation during the process. KYC requests that are in “Pending” status, however, cannot be modified – they can only be approved or rejected.
  3. Floating profit and loss are now displayed on the trading account list and trading account details page. Brokers will be able to directly see and segment their clients based on their profit/loss status.
  4. Instead of all being featured on one page, clients are now listed into pages, allowing client data to be more efficiently handled. Brokers can sort their clients into quantities most suitable for analysis and management.
  5. The Comprehensive Account Report now features the total amount of initial funds and current funds. Brokers will now be able to see at a glance these amounts using pre-determined currency units such as USC and USD.

Commissions Settings

  1. A new field for trading accounts, [Rebate], has now been created to cater to an increasing demand by brokers that do not want to pay out commissions for certain trading accounts. This will allow for greater flexibility when handling trading accounts meant for events, marketing, or documentation purposes. [Rebate]’s field value is set to yes by default.
    • If [Rebate] field value is yes, commission will rebated accordingly
    • Conversely, If [Rebate] field value is no, commission will not be rebated
  2. Client’s ID and rebate account number are now displayed when the cursor hovers over any client on the flexible rule details page. This will save brokers time as they will no longer need to open up each client’s details manually to check their information.

Referral Program

  1. A new field, [Referrer Code], has now been added to cater to an increase in demand from brokers to customize and edit client IDs. With this new field, codes will automatically be applied into their respective promotion links. To ensure optimal coverage for both existing and new clients, existing clients’ IDs will be applied into the [Referrer Code] field based on their historical data.
  2. Promotional links can now support multiple domain names. Brokers can now use different domain names for different markets – this will make tracking the effectiveness of campaigns much more streamlined.


  1. One administrator account now supports multiple logins, either from different computers or different browsers at the same time. This implementation will make it more convenient for a team of administrators to manage client information.
  2. Added a mail template control switch. Templates can now be better managed as  disabled email templates can no longer be triggered, preventing them from being sent to clients.

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